Sunday, June 30, 2013

Will you marry me?

Agastya held my hand in the middle of the road as I looked around, scared of being hit by a car. 

Agastya kneeled in front of me and proposed "Will you marry me?"

I looked at him..and then the road.. cars zoomed passed us... and i nodded "Yes" hastily. 

He got up, kissed me and said "That's the best birthday gift I could have got."

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I just chanced upon a PMS joke

The 10 Definitive Signs of PMS are:
1. Everyone around you has an attitude problem.
2. You're adding chocolate chips to your cheese omelet.
3. The dryer has shrunk every last pair of your jeans.
4. Your husband is suddenly agreeing to everything you say.
5. You're using your cellular phone to dial up every bumper sticker that says, 'How's my driving? Call 1 800 ****"**.'
6. Everyone's head looks like an invitation to batting practice.
7. You're convinced there's a God and he's male.
8. You're counting down the days until menopause.
9. You're sure that everyone is scheming to drive you crazy.
10. The ibuprofen bottle is empty and you bought it yesterday.

Frankly I agree with every one of them. I get crazy during this dreaded time of the month. I being a Gemini and monsoon season does not help. Even during my ordinary days i have difficulty in decision making and like all gemini's i too have MOOD SWINGS. But PMS makes it worse. 
Just couple of days ago,while My husband asked me to pass salt and I flared up and told him " why everything is supposed to be done by me... while u get to sit on ur a** all day long." The poor man immediately knew the tym was apt to shut-up. He had his bland food quietly and even helped me clean up after dinner (Okay PMS has its perks..;)).
This gets even weirder in front of the servants. From cooks, to maids to watchmen everybody steer clear of me. It seems I am walking around looking like lady Hades or Yamraj. with horns on my head and spitting fire.
I tend to hog like a pig, a pig who has been starved since birth. I can eat anything and everything. I tend to like the weirdest of all food. Imagine a combination of bhujia and dahi or daal with haldiram's mixture. I get up at midnight feeling hungry.... again.
Depression increases 10 folds when I have difficulty in even fitting into my jeans. No matter how much I jump or squeeze my stomach the jeans won't fit. I often end up consoling myself thinking the jeans might have shrunk. 
My facebook wall is full of statuses and songs. All sad Lata Mangeshkar songs and Statuses are very depressing, just yesterday I had a fight with brother-in-law, for making fun of me on fb. Since when did I started taking FB seriously?
I cry at a drop of a hat, with silliest of excuses like maid didn't come or I hate mumbai and i miss Kolkata. 
PMS is capable of ruining all the relations and friendships I've had. All of a sudden I feel my friends are acting too pricey. I am suddenly all alone *** pure dukhiyari aatma***.My friends seem more friendly to my sworn enemies than me. One tends to get a feeling that every body has joined hands to drive you crazy.

The worst is when my best friend and I, we both have our PMS going. I wouldn't be surprised if we are seen pulling each other's hair off.
But there is one best part about PMS.  I finally get the courage to speak my mind. Things that I would not say in order to be polite, I would say it during these times. 
"I really think you look bad with half sleeve check shirt and tie." 
"Women are way stronger than men. We bleed for 7 days, yet we cook and clean for you, while you waste your time looking at 11 idiots running after a ball."
"f*ck you"
 If I could I would walk around with a board saying "PMS... run for your life". I am bitter, moody , bloated and ugly during this time of the month. All thanks to Vikas my husband for keeping up with me. Thank your stars that you don't live with me at least these 10 days.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Love in Metro

    “Oh sh*t, I am late.” I thought to myself. Siddharth, my fiance was waiting for me at a coffee shop near Bandra.  I tried to drive as fast as possible in the maddening traffic and pothole ridden roads of Mumbai.

    As I reached Costa Coffee, I saw Sidharth sitting inside the coffee shop. He was a good looking guy. His hair gelled and neatly combed and had broad shoulders. A look at him and anybody could have guessed he really worked hard on his looks and body. It wasa great thing. My friends were jealous of me, but somehow he reminded me of Ken (Barbie’s boy friend). He was too perfect looks-wise. There was a part of me who wanted to mess his hair up and force a burger down his throat. Okay, I may not be head over heels for him. But he was good-looking and very successful. 2 out of 3 ain’t that bad, I smiled and said to myself.

    As I looked closely, I saw him talking to someone.” He never told me he was bringing along a friend.”  I thought to myself. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was a complete mess. I combed my hair, retouched my make-up and got out of the car. I straightened my dress and I walked towards the coffee shop. I tried to peek in, to know who he was sitting with. All I could see was that man’s back.

    I walked-in the coffee shop; both the men were engrossed in a conversation.  As I reached their table, the stranger got up, but Sidharth continued sitting. The stranger was 6 ft tall, dishevelled hair, light stubble, very prominent jaw and he was dressed very casually in a worn-out jeans and a dark grey shirt hanging loosely. In short, he was exactly opposite of Sidharth and was drop dead gorgeous looking.

    Sidharth caught hold of my hand and pulled me beside him. “Naman, meet Anvi, my beautiful fiance’. She’s an interior designer by profession.”

    The guy looked at me and smiled. Sidharth continued “Anvi, this is  Naman, he has done his masters from London Art Academy. He is here to paint a charity mural in KokilabenAmbani Hospital’s paediatric ward."

    Naman held out his hand and said in a husky sexy voice “It’s a real pleasure meeting you, I have heard a lot about you.”

    I blushed and somehow managed to smile. I wondered,“How come I meet Mr. Oh-So-Right only after I am engaged?”Sidharth continued, “I was just telling him that Art has no takers in India.”

    “I am not here for money, I already have enough of it. I just want to do things for my own satisfaction.” Naman said. I couldn’t help thinking,“Rich, good looking and brooding.He's a perfect mills and boon material.”

    As the gentlemen went back to their conversation, I couldn’t help noticing Sidharth and Naman were so alike yet so different. Both were good looking, well-placed but Sidharth was pompous and loud. Naman was silent and kept a low profile... smiling very occasionally.

    “I have an idea,” Sidharth said excitedly. “How about Naman helping us with our flat’s decoration? Murals would look lovely in the study and also in one of the walls of our drawing room?” He looked at me expectedly.
    I agreed. Murals did seem like a really good idea but working with Indian version of Hugh Jackson would be difficult.

    Sidharth’s phone rang. He immediately cut the call and looked at us guiltily. “It’s my cue to go. I have a very important meeting in an hour.”

    “Naman, How about Anvi dropping you at the hospital. She too, would be leaving for Andheri.” Sidharth said, not even once asking me if I was okay with it. Frankly I hate being bossed around.

    Naman looked at me and tried to politely decline the offer but Sidharth wouldn’t listen. As we left, Naman apologized for inconveniencing me. I smiled and muttered “it’s perfectly fine.” Sidharth would have never apologized. For him everybody was present to make his life comfortable.

    As we passed byJuhu Beach.Naman said “Would you please stop the car. I want to spend some time here. Will you join me?”

    I knew, the last thing I want to do, is to be in this man’s company.

    “Are you coming along?’ Naman asked again.

    “Yeah” I was shocked listening to what I just said. I should not be in this man’s company. He was bad news.
     I got out of the car and started to walk towards the beach. The beach wasn’t crowded and grey clouds and high tide made the beach look beautiful and dangerous just like the man walking beside me.

    “It’s so beautiful” I said looking at the beach trying very hard not to get distracted.

    “Yes it is, you know when I am very down I head to the beach. It has a calming effect.” He replied back.

    Well Naman, did look a little sad. I really wanted to know what was eating him up. But I decided to avoid that topic. He hardly knew me and vice-versa.

    “So how did you people meet?” Naman asked

    “Well… umm.. I was designing his bank’s head office. It was then we met for the first time. We went out for a couple of years and last December he proposed me.” I said. I, think I said it a little too fast, I hope he doesn’t suspect that I am not in love with his friend. I looked at him, but his face was towards the beach.

    “I am not surprised why he loves you so much. You are a very pretty looking girl.” Naman said in his signature flat tone. We both looked at each other. His eyes were brown, the most beautiful I have seen and it seemed to be speaking alot and it was really difficult for me to decipher.

    “I think I should go now, I am expecting furniture guys to come and take the measurement. I hope we can catch up later.” Not waiting for an answer, I walked off as fast as my feet would take me.

    The man did something weird to my senses which I couldn’t really define.
    It was Friday, I was brain-storming with the painters, when my phone rang. It was Naman. As I heard his voice , I almost dropped my phone. His thoughts had been haunting me day and night and I couldn’t get him out of my mind.

    “Sidharth wanted me to see the place and the work you have done so far...So when can I come? Naman said in his signature flat note. Not giving away anything.

    I tried to sound like him... I too said in a very to-the-point tone, desperately trying to hide the excitement “I am cool with any time you chose. I am at the apartment now and the furniture guys are getting things in order.”

    “How about 4 pm? I would be done by then. How far is it from the hospital?” Naman said.

    “How about I come to pick you up? I could see the mural too.” I said. Let see if he’s as good as what Sidharth boasts. I knew I was lying to myself. I really wanted to meet him.

    “Fine. So catch you then.” He said and the line went dead.
    No matter how much I denied. I was dying to meet him again. I dressed with particular care, put on make-up and reached the hospital before the stipulated time. Exactly at 4 I went to the paediatric ward. He was packing his stuff.

    The mural was beautiful. It was made with very happy and bright colours. It had rainbows, fairy tale characters, Peter Pan, unicorns and fairies all over the wall. Every kid in the ward knew him and he knew everybody…I saw him smiling genuinely for the first time. All of a sudden the realization hit me. “Oh sh*t, I am in love, that too with my fiance’s best friend.”

    Naman walked to me, looked closely and said “Is everything all right, it seems as if you’ve just seen a ghost because if you did, you are not the only one?” and he laughed.

    “No, I am all right. So should we go now?” I asked desperately wanting to change the subject and trying to take my mind off him.


    As we left the hospital all of a sudden it started raining, pretty heavily. I somehow managed to reach the building. I parked my car and we ran to the building’s lobby. While waiting for the lift, I saw Naman from the corner of my eye. He was drenched. His shirt was sticking to his body accentuating his chest and broad shoulders.

    Naman caught me ogling at him. I looked away guiltily and turned my back towards him. As we got into the lift, I could feel his warm gaze on me, but I did not dare to look at him again. 

    As we reached the flat, I showed him all the rooms, our study, kitchen even balconies and kept talking so that there were no awkward silences.

    Time flew but the heavy rainfall continued. By 6 pm it was absolutely dark, windy and rain lashed through the windows. As we were about to leave, my phone buzzed. It was a message from Sidharth. The message said “Honey, won’t be able to make it. My advice, you too don’t go out. The entire Mumbai is flooded.”

    I repeated the message aloud to Naman. He looked at me and that cute smile flashed again. I picked up the intercom dialed the security to know if it was flooded even near our apartment building. The security guard confirmed my biggest fear that Naman and I would be spending the night in the same flat.

    “I hope you are not very hungry. I just have a packet of chips, mineral water and a bottle of wine.”

    “It’s okay I’ll just have wine. If that’s okay with you” Naman said. I couldn’t help thinking, “Is he always this good or is it just an act?”

    Before I could get up from the sofa, Naman was already up, he went inside the Kitchen and he came with two glasses of wine and a party pack of Lays.

    He laid it on the table. He was so different than all the men. Had it beenSidharth, he would have expected me to lay the table while he sat watching TV.

    He gave me my glass of wine and he picked up the other glass for himself and he sat on the sofa beside me.  Our shoulders brushed, I was acutely aware of his nearness.

    Naman looked at me, his expressions very guarded. “So, how are things with Sidharth?”

    I took a big gulp of my wine and I wanted to give a politically correct answer maybe that we were a very happy couple.  But instead I said, “He hardly has time for me. He is always so busy. The only thing we talk about this apartment and its decorations.” Suddenly I realized what I was saying. Damn wine.

    Naman moved closer. He held my chin and lifted my face and earnestly looked at me. Then he said “Then he is a stupid man, you are a very pretty looking woman. You are very hard to ignore.”

    I chose not to reply anything. I knew people thought that we were a happy, high flying couple. But it wasn’t so. Siddharth hardly had time for me. He just liked to talk about himself and his accomplishment. He treated everybody as they were born to serve him. Honestly, I never felt any crackling chemistry between us, nothing even near to what I felt for his friend Naman.

    Naman smiled and said "You have very beautiful big eyes."

    I don’t know who made the first move but we were kissing. He was everything I thought he would be. He smelled of soap and wine. His kisses were slow but demanding. One thing led to another before I realized we were on the bed making love. The bed that was supposed to be Sidharth’s and mine. I was making love to a man I hardly knew and to my fiance’s best friend. I pushed all negative thoughts out of my head and I started to enjoy the exquisite art of love making.

    After a night of extensive love making, I got up tired but at the same time happy. I looked around the house but Naman had already left. “Most probably he must have left for the hospital”, I thought to myself.

    First things first I had to break-up with Sidharth. So I went to his place. He was there reading newspaper. I sat beside him and I told him the truth about what happened last night. His face went through a lot of expression changes from shock to anger and finally sadness. He did everything that I expected him to do - from throwing things to calling me and Naman names to sobbing. I felt sorry for him. But there was no use pretending to be happy and moreover I have finally found love. The man I truly loved. I gave his engagement ring back and as well as keys to the flat.

    As I walked out of his apartment, I felt a exhilarating sense of freedom wash over me. I proceeded towards my next destination; the hospital. I reached and ran up to the paediatric ward but Naman was not there. One of the nurses informed me that Naman had finished his work yesterday, itself. 

    “How come he never told me that?”I wondered. I saw a picture of the beach hanging in one of the walls. I immediately remembered what Naman had told me about Juhu beach. He must be tensed because he slept with me, his friend’s fiancĂ©'.

    I rushed to Juhu beach and I saw him sitting there. I ran to him and hugged him. He smiled.

     “I love you and I have broken up with Siddharth. I am all yours now.” I said looking at him expectantly. But he continued smiling. Something had changed overnight. His smile no longer had that warmth, which was their last night. “What happened?” I asked.

    Naman laughed and shook his head. “What makes you think I love you?”

    Initially I thought I must have heard it wrong. But he got up and started dusting his pants. “You are joking, right?” I so wanted the answer to be “yes”.

    “No, I am not”, Naman said coolly looking me in the eye.

    It seemed somebody had puched me in my gut. But still I somehow managed to ask “Why me, why did you do this to me? I never did anything wrong to u?” I could feel warm tears flowing.

    “Stop the “holier than thou” act, you are no better. You were already engaged how could you possibly sleep with me? You should have said “NO!” I did not force you. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black” Naman said, hatred dripping with every word he uttered.

    My brain stopped working, I just stared at him blankly unable to say or do anything. The only thing kept echoing in my head was, “Why me?”

    “Anyways, I slept with you so that I could get back at Siddharth.” Naman laughed. “Stupid girl, your fiance’, Siddharth slept with my girlfriend so I slept with  ‘The love of his life’ and now we’re even.”

    With that he picked his bag and started walking. I kept staring at him, not even blinking once, tears running down my face as he walked away.

    Thursday, June 20, 2013

    Happy Birthday to us... Indiblogeshwaries.

    I read somewhere "Had there been no men, there would be a lot of fat, hairy and happy women". Okay no-offence boys, I am totally into you, But hanging around with women is a different fun all together. I could let my hair-down, relax and enjoy the fun and laughter.

    The best thing about all women get-together is that you don't really have to think or try very hard. You could speak politically incorrect things and with a mouth full, there would be no eyebrows raised (I hope).

    Indiblogeshwaries as the name suggest is a group of women bloggers with impeccable sense of humor and an amazing writing skills. Strangely, I am a part of it,all thanks to a very dear friend and a fellow blogger Deepa Duraisamy.

    We met on 9th June 2013 at Mainland China, Bandra for Lunch. I had been looking forward to it. For me most of the attendees were like celebrities. Be it Vinita Bahl or Janaki Nagaraj or Zeenat Merchant-Syal or Deepa Duraisamy herself. People swore by their blogs. They are like who's who of Indian Blogosphere. But when I met them and the others like Sharmila Kulkarni, Dipika Singh  Vasudha Rao , Mariam Karim , Amreen Bhujwala  and Anamika Jain . I realized that they were so very much like the girls-next-door. They had no airs, no attitude problems and were a very chilled out lot.

    The best part was the gift, everybody had to bring a gift of exactly Rs. 25. We all tried to out-do each other when it came to our bargaining skills and innovations. I must say, such challenges make you realize what a great bargainer you are or can be. From flowers to back pins, mugs, pouches, earrings (my favorites), batches, a bag of sprouts(I really thought that was an out-of-the-box idea) and many more. We distributed those gifts amongst ourselves through lottery system and strangely everybody hit d jackpot and I hit the jackpot twice. I got a pair of pins (presented by Anamika) as well as the earrings I so wanted, from Vinita ( but then i really worked hard for it...begging and coercing are very tough things to do)

    We played lot of games. One was "know thy neighbour" we had to write three things about ourselves in  a sheet of paper in which one had to be a lie. Well most of the answers were predictable, but the one I got was d most difficult, no one in the world could have got it right. My neighbour was Sharmila, she doesnot like chocolates.... who could have guessed that??? Everybody loves chocolates and Vinita got the easiest...mine . I couldn't think of anything remarkable about my self then.... now at nights i get ideas..I could have written this..I could have written that...but ab kya faida :(.

    The second game that we played was write the names of three attendees that you really like. Well no surprises there, Janaki was the most popular amongst us all. I too managed to get three votes, and I am loving it. Vasudha won a prize, A book, for rightly guessing the content of a pouch.

    We had extremely yummy chinese and even yummier desserts. Sluurrrrp slurrrp

    Then came the cake-cutting time. Three cakes were served and with candles on top of it. We blew the candles and sang the birthday song. Even singing the birthday song seemed real fun. It was even more fun cutting the cake. Zeenat and myself we cut our cake with a spoon, as I couldnot find a knife.

     We were then presented with our parting gift (courtesy Vanilla Salon)., a discount coupon where we could get a hair spa and a facial for just 599/-.

    I hate farewells. My enthusiasm started to dip as we got up to leave. But the fun wasn't over as yet. We got together to get a group photo. The smiles that you see in the picture speaks all about how much each and everyone present enjoyed.

    All in all it was an amazing meet, and all thanks goes to our super-blogger-ladies Vinita Bahl and Janaki Nagaraj  and I really hope we get to meet-up more often.

    Photos courtesy : Vinita Bahl and Janaki Nagaraj

    Thursday, June 13, 2013

    Just a message away...

    In last two weeks, not a single day has passed, where I did not think about the five people I would like to chat  on WeChat ( It supports sending voice, video, photo and text messages). People who are alive, didn't really seem worthy enough and Chatting with dead / fictional people did pose a problem too. I was way too practical to imagine chatting with dead or comic strip characters. Finally I gave up the hope to write anything about WeChat.

    Last night I was thinking about it, and suddenly I saw myself standing on the clouds and peculiar kind of light and buzzing sound came from  below. I bent and picked up my phone. WeChat   was on and  a message from God blinked.

    God : "Free to chat?"

    God and I do not share a buddy-buddy kind of relationship since 27.05.10 the time he decided to take my mom away from me , that too on my birthday.

    Me : "No, I am busy walking on the clouds assuming I am dead , that too in my sleep... I hope you are not making it a habit of snatching away the mommies while they are asleep."

    God : Ha ha ha, I see you still hold me responsible for your mom's death.

    Me : Is their anyone else I can blame? My mom believed in you, she prayed to u, she religiously did yoga, had fresh vegetables, never smoked or drank alcohol. She never even tried hurt anybody. Then why her?

    God : l'd you like to have a group chat with your mom and me?

    Chatting with my Mom again would be a dream come true. I would do anything to hug her tight one last time and tell her that I love her. Chatting may not be enough but something is better than nothing.

    God : You can even voice chat with her if you want, WeChat allows voice messages.

    Maa : Maxie I am so happy to see you

    Maa : I miss you so much beta.

    Me : I miss you too, maa.

    Maa : I see you have gained weight, I am sure you have stopped exercising and you are back to binging on daal-chawal and chocolates, aren't you?

    Me :Maa, I am talking to you after 3 years and all you are bothered about is my weight?

    Ma : And your dark circles too, darling.....

    Me : Maa, is god taking good care of you? Are you happy there?

    Maa : Sweetheart, I am really happy and comfortable. Finally I have time for myself. All my life I just ran after you four sisters and your father. You, Maxie troubled me the most. With your endless complains and ever-changing boy friends...

    Me : Okay, I get it. Maa, I love you. I am sorry i did not say that before. I am even more sorry I troubled you so much.

    God : My dear daughter, your daughter Renu blames me for your death. Would you like to explain to her?

    Maa : Renu, everybody's death time and date is decided even before they r born. I was destined to go on your birthday. Nobody could change it, not you not god. No matter how much you want to.

    I didnot reply back.

    God : All I can do is to keep good and noble beings with me, take good care of them, which I feel I am doing a pretty good job.

    God : Okay Renu, who else do you wanna talk to.

    Maa : I can assure you god, her list would have men and nobody else

    Me : Umm...How about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi .

    Maa : Mahatma Gandhiji?????

    God : Why Gandhi ?

    Me :May be because I need a punching bag and I need to give him a piece of my mind

    Gandhi Joined our group chat. 

    Gandhi : Namaste, How are you kamaladevi  and Pranaam God

    Maa :Pranaam Gandhiji

    God : :)

    Me : You were the worst politician and  philosopher I have ever came across. You were even more dillusional than Marx, Plato and Aristotle put together. Just because of your bad choices and policies, We, Indians are still paying for it. Had you did not support the equally crazy Jinnah, Pakistan would be a part of India. There would be no muslim jihadis. All of us could have lived happily ever after, with a thriving economy and super-successful cricket team.

    I could see Gandhi typing back a message.

    Me :No, don't bother to answer back. All I wrote was just for you to know and feel what you did to us and I refuse to call you Mahatma.

    Maa : What should I do with this stupid daughter of mine.

    Maa : Is this what I have taught you, to disrespect elders

    God :  I see someone has got up from the wrong side of her bed. 

    Gandhi left without saying a word

    God : Who's the next unlucky one?

    Me : It's all a dream, sirji.. technically I am still on my bed

    Me : Raja Vikramaditya  would be my next choice..

    Maa : Oh my lord I knew this was coming

    God : Why him?

    Maa : He is one of the guys she had a crush on

    Me : I read about him when I was in standard VI and since then I had a huge crush on him. He was suppose to be very strong, good looking, just and powerful.  I just wanted to drop in a Hi and see how he was doing.

     I blushed as I typed that

    God : Okay your wish is my command.

    Soon Vikramaditya joined the chat. He was a tall good looking guy in his 50s... max late 50's, face adorned with a royal moustache.

    Vik_adi : Hello, you asked for me?

    Me : Yes, I am huge fan of yours and I have named my son after you.

    Maa : Fan is such an understatement

    Vik_adi :Thank you, you are so kind

    God :  :P

    Me : So vikramaditya and vetaal stories...and the stories about 'Singhasan Bateesi are they true, did they really happened?

    Vik_adi : No, even then the world was as non-magical as today. My kingdom's historian had amazing imagination skills and he weaved great stories, which even I enjoyed reading."

    Me : Still I really like you and thank you for taking your time out for me

    Maa : She'll never speak like this with women especially me

    God : you have just five min.s, than I have to end this chat

    Me : Can I just have a small chat with Clark Gable too.

    Maa : Oh my lord, why not Indira Ganghi or Mother Teresa? They would be good influence on you

    Me : I am no more a kid

     Clarke Gable with his oh-so-famous- grin joined the group. I have never met a man who was so masculine and yet with such boyish charm.

    Clark Gable : Hello beautiful

    Oh wow he finds me beautiful...I want to fly and dance all at the same time.

    Me : Thank you *** blushing**

    Clark : Kiddo you r cute too, I was talking about your mom.

    Mom : Not Interested I am already taken.

    Clark : So whats up with you renu

    Mom : She's also taken, and renu before you even think of uttering anything further, the chats over. We have work to do.

    Me : Just one little thing I need to say

    Me:  I am a huge fan of yours. I have nearly seen most of your movies and my favorites are Gone with the wind and It happened one night.I liked you so much that I landed up comparing every man with you."

    Vik_adi : I think she said she was my huge fan

    God : Times up...

    I was grateful it had ended, but at least I got to chat with Clarke Gable and Vikramaditya the great

    God : So are you still angry with me ?

    Mom :  Renu, I watch over you day and night. i know you wake up everyday at 4:30 AM, the exact time when I died. You don't have to act strong and unaffected. Only strong can cry . It's good to cry and mourn my death.Always remember we have your back. I love you my little girl

    Last line kept echoing

    And I woke up, it was 7 AM... for the first time in 3 years I did not wake up at 4:30. I went on to daily routine work with a  smile.

    The above post is written for the WeChat with anyone, anywhere contest powered by WeChat and Indiblogger