Tuesday, February 05, 2013

when vice becomes a virtue..

"Kya karo agar buraai achaai kehlaai  jaaye"

C'mon drinking is okay. Everybody around us is drinking. No big deal

It's real cool to have a beer. Boys and beer go together

Smoking a cigarette makes me feel like I am tough and completely in control of my life.

Mama, I wish to be like Shah Rukh Khan in DON or like Hrithik Roshan or John Abraham in Dhoom  they are so cool.

Why did you get me a Kurti on my lehenga. I wanted to wear a short blouse. Now I am gonna look like an aunty.

Guess what, we made out, that too in a movie hall, its ok, we had been dating since last 3 months.

Don't call me dad when we go to the club, call me uncle.

Whatever mentioned is the truth. None of it is made up. Some might agree, some might think I am just over-reacting as the cases mentioned above are normal stuffs.. nothing to really ponder about.


  1. These are so true today ... unfortunate !!!

  2. ये पाप हैं क्या, ये पुण्य हैं क्या, रीतोंपर धर्म की मुहरे हैं
    हर युग में बदलते धर्मोंको कैसे आदर्श बनाओगे

    This is what Sahir Ludhianvi wrote decades back. Actually, it's not a case of vice turning virtue. It's a case of changing morals of the society. Smoking, boozing & wearing skimpy clothes are considered to be in fashion, and if the youngsters are lured into it by the prospect of being called 'cool', that's understandable to an extent. But what shocked me was 'Don't call me dad when we go to the club, call me uncle'. That's not done.

  3. Thought provoking lines...Concise and true to the core..:)

  4. I hate it when this happens. Like, really really hate it. :| I wish people didn't think this way.

  5. Very thought provoking post. It is said that the death of a Society happens when Morals disappear and immorality takes over. These things can be corrected only if parents start teaching their children about good manners and morals and all about virtues.

  6. They're following the pack. They are not extraordinary like you. You think for yourself, outside the box and have exceptional tallents, have done all your life I'd imagine. You are so like me in the way you think. Develope it, be brave, trust your instincts. Waiting for your next work. F. x



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