Monday, December 10, 2012

Delhi Diary 1.....

Award for the best couple goes too......

I was in Delhi last weekend attending a wedding. I had nothing much to do there, just look and act pretty. Since it was humanly not possible, so I did what I do best. Think. I thought day in and out. I noticed people day in and day out.

The thing that caught my attention the most.... Okay I wouldn't say the most, because clothes and jewelry the women wore did catch my attention...still have my attention. The close second was the kind of relationship couples shared.

I came to a conclusion that there were exactly 10 kinds of "couples".

First kinds of couple are the ideal couple, where there was the right amount of taking care.... Finding little or small excuses to be in each other's company... praises for each other...addressing each other as "ji". Strangely this kind of chemistry did irritate me a little. It seemed over the top most of the time.

Second kinds of couple are the buddy couple, where the couples are more like friends. There would be slight playfulness, pulling each other legs, calling each other by names, back-slapping .They would even eye good looking men and women in each other’s company and both are usually pretty comfortable about it.

Third kinds of couple are forever blushing couple. You'll never see them holding hands or talking. They’ll look to the floor instead of looking at each other. But they'll stand together throughout the party. In short they are silent inseparable partners.

Fourth kinds of couple are pati-parmeshwar types. Here both the people totally believe in that theory. If you even think of questioning it, you would immediately be looked down upon. The wife takes care of each and every needs of her parmeshwar, from getting his shoes shined…. to shutting up, when husband chose to scream at her in public.

Fifth kind of couple is the exact opposite of the fourth the wife is the most important being. Wife is always right. The husband seems as if trained to praise his wife and carry her purse. Poor guy

Sixth kind of couple is the warring couple. Both think they are the supreme and in their quest for supremacy they keep pulling each other down.

Seventh is the one-sided love. Where one partner is in love the other partner is not. The notorious partner makes no effort to hide it. She/he flirts around with relatives and friends , while the other person would continue to give explanations.

Eighth are London-Tokyo partners. It means that in the party you'll never see them standing together. They happily avoid each other throughout the party. Even if you somehow force them to stand together, most probably they'll look in the opposite directions.

Ninth are the PDA (Public display of affection) couples. They are the most irritating of the lot. These couple can't keep their hands of each other and openly declare their love in public … gross

Last but not the least is the perfect couple. They are pleasantly opposites yet so similar. They can talk for hours; they are comfortable together. They poke fun at each other, but at the same time have immense respect for each other's opinions.

After seeing everybody the only thing I realized is some people get the one they want, most end up with the one they're supposed to be with , rest struggle with bad relationship afraid to move out . But the fact is You may not be the "perfect" couple.....but as a imperfect couple if you start to enjoy your differences, that's according to me... what makes you perfect- for- each-other. 


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  1. are one astute observer...and you have that sparkling wit too :) ..its the last types that pull at your heart strings isn't it ?...PDAs irritate me especially when they do it just for the sake of showing off

  2. Honestly dear, loved ur observation n expressions of thoughts!!!!!

  3. Great way to have spent your time and penned your analysis so well too!!

  4. Replies
    1. THANK U ANKIT.....thank you again for stopping by..:)

  5. as i read through..i could find a parallel of these types in my world..and yea..there's is atleast one for each type!! good one..loved it!

    1. I think its a universal thing....every family has dese "namunas"

  6. so which category had highest proportion of couples?

    1. The first ideal couple....and the close second is d PDA couple

  7. great observation :) i too end up indulging in the same habit mostly at weddings where i accompany my mom . . ;)

    1. trust me they are very educative if u look closely ;)

  8. my question....which type of couple r u guys...??? :P

  9. Cool ! This was a deep observation , defining almost every type of couple with such details. A great pass time :D Hehe, I truly hate those PDA couple, but I loved the last one's of the lot. "Truly in Love types :D"

  10. People can be so different at a public event like a wedding than they would be in private. Wonder what the analysis in reverse would be of the Voyeur.



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