Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bloody Flood.

Blood shot eyes; led by a fanatic chiefs,
walking aimlessly, the misinformed and the misled.
under the umbrella of strayed beliefs,
here comes the crowd of the walking dead.

These people have no heart to feel;
these people have no soul to cry;
their love for material land is their only deal,
scornful words and their humor - wry.

Here comes the rain from the bloodied sky,
the rain is not water but innocent's blood.
Can you hear and see our gods cry.
This time their would be no Ark to save us from this flood.


  1. Oops, so sad...

  2. It aches to see such unnecessary blood shed all across the world. Innocent souls who do not even understand why they are being butchered. Pathetic!



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