Thursday, September 27, 2012

My fair ghost ;) - 2


It was the 21st day. Her parents left for Kolkata that morning. They insisted she too came along...but she chose not to. That evening Radhika for the first time..was all alone. Everything in her house reminded her of Gautam. She switched on the TV and star movies showed Die hard was Gautam's favorite film. She immediately switched off the TV. She cried inconsolably.

"Sit, and I m dead...nobody to crib about the dirty house.Did you see the fans. Those sparkling white fans are dirty brown in color. Why are the lights on in the kitchen? When will you learn to take money and electricity bills seriously?" 

Radhika stopped crying her eyes widening as she recognized the voice. It was gautam's . She turned to see Gautam sitting on the sofa. For few minutes she just kept staring at that sofa. Gautam was with his signature sly smile. 

"I am so going crazy.....I am seeing Gautam sitting on the sofa" Radhika said to herself...crying at the same time laughing  "he's dead... he's been dead since 3 weeks....I think i desperately need some fresh air" She got up from the sofa talking to herself.."I think I need to go for a walk...yeah that should be good" 

"I am very much here Sleepy head. I am back from being dead" Gautam told her amused.

"No, this is not happening...i m just imagining things...radhika get a grip on yourself" Radhika kept talking to block Gautam's voice.She couldn't believe Gautam was back.

She got out of the house and locked her door. She saw Gautam coming out of that locked door...he smiled and said “I always wondered since I saw the movie "GHOST" that can ghosts really do that??"

All Radhika wanted to do was run screaming, but instead she just stood there shocked. She just walked to the lift got into it...the doors closed. Gautam did the same trick again... he came through the closed doors. Radhika was freaking out inside. On 5th floor Mr. Agarwal entered the lift. Radhika looked at him, trying to see if he too saw Gautam. But Mr. Agarwal said " I am sorry to hear about you husband, he was a good man" Radhika just stared at him and then to Gautam. Holy sh*t he cannot see Gautam. Thank god, they reached ground floor. She stormed out into the garden...and she started running..

"Why are you doing this? I am here just for you. Please stop! Look at me." Gautam tried to stop her.

She could see Gautam floating in the air "shut up, you are nothing but a figment of my imagination. Tomorrow when I wake'd be gone...I know that"

People in the park gave her quizzical looks. She thought "oh god! they must be thinking she has gone crazy". She hurried back home and locked herself in.

She tucked herself in a blanket and just prayed she stopped hallucinating. Immediately she heard Gautam calling her out "You sleep, u look very tired I’ll sit here and watch TV"

Strangely since the last three weeks, she slept peacefully for the first time. 

In the morning, She got out of bed to get herself a glass of water. When she came out she saw Gautam lying and he was floating in air. "Oh god" Radhika squeezed shut her eyes” it was all true...u really did come"

Do you think we could clean up the house today" Gautam gave his signature smile. He knew Radhika hated cleaning. She could go to any levels to avoid it. 

"I have to run to office today. I haven't attended it since u...ummm" and she trailed off.

"Then why are u standing, go have your bath or stay here and clean d house. I counted 35 cockroaches last night". he complained

Radhika decided office was better or this man would drive her crazy.

Radhika entered her office. Everybody stopped and stared at her. She continued walking as she hated that look of sympathy in everybody's eyes.

She called her assistant for a follow-up on Siddhartha Mehrotra's case. He informed her that the tennis star refused to talk to anybody; he only wanted Radhika to handle the case. He had called nearly zillion times in last three weeks asking for her.

Radhika decided to call Siddharth Mehrotra. He picked up the call.

"Where have you been hiding?? I am in a huge mess and you decide to go on a holiday?" Siddharth screamed.

Radhika tried to calm him by saying" Sorry but there were people ready to help you 24*7"

There was silence on the other side and then Siddharth spoke "My secretary just informed me about your husband. I am sorry to hear that. I really had no idea...."

Radhika cut him short, eager to change the topic "What about that actor punching case? Has the news died down or is the media still troubling you...I am sorry I was ummm "out" for a long time. So couldn't follow the news?"

Siddharth seemed very quiet all of a sudden"Can we discuss this issue during dinner...I know a Chinese outlet small and comfortable. They serve great Chinese?"

Radhika hesitated and then she thought maybe she should socialize more... she might hallucinate less. So Radhika agreed to go out for dinner with Siddharth.

"It's been only 22 days since I died and you are already going out on dinner with a handsome tennis player...that was fast." Stunned Radhika turned to see Gautam standing by the window.

"It's an official dinner and if you want you can be around. I have a feeling you 'will' be around" Radhika tried to be her sarcastic best. In a way she was happy gautam returned, life seemed to be back to normal. She seemed to be smiling more at his sarcasms then getting annoyed like she used to.

Siddharth sat in a corner table checking his mobile phone, for the first time he was without his secretary. He looked gorgeous with short cropped hair, shaved and a body and height to die for. Everybody in the restaurant was looking at him. Radhika walked to him and he got up from his seat to greet her. They shook hands "Do you really have to do that?? Can’t you keep your hands off him?" Radhika jerked her face to her side and saw Gautam standing beside her and his expressions unreadable.

"Thank you for accepting my dinner invitation. You look very beautiful tonight" Siddharth smiled. Radhika returned that smile.

"God, this man is fast. No preliminaries already jumped to flirting. I am telling you Radhika he just wants to get into your skirt" Gautam's eyebrows raised and his lips pursed.

"Thank you for inviting me Mr. Mehrotra. How are you? And did you visit your parents? So, any more games coming up?”Radhika noticed she spoke more than necessary but it was to block gautam's voice. The wise cracks from Gautam just didn't stop. Radhika wondered what was wrong with Siddharth, he just stared at her and oblivious to the fact that d world was watching him and so did gautam. At the end of the dinner Siddharth insisted on dropping Radhika but Radhika politely declined. He hailed a cab for her. Before she could sit Siddharth held her hand and said "You are a great gal" Radhika smiled and gautam continue cribbing For once Radhika was happy he was dead.. At least nobody could hear him.

To be continued.......

Disclaimer :-

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  2. You should actually. I really hope that you have a fitting conclusion to this splendid development. Then I'd jump with you too.. :)

  3. Your usp is your presentation,though such stories are beaten to death in our movies hollywood and give them fresh tratment..u r like the aditya chopra of short stories ,u weave great experiences out of simple themes. Like always i soon want you to write a novel soon

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