Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just a message away...

In last two weeks, not a single day has passed, where I did not think about the five people I would like to chat  on WeChat ( It supports sending voice, video, photo and text messages). People who are alive, didn't really seem worthy enough and Chatting with dead / fictional people did pose a problem too. I was way too practical to imagine chatting with dead or comic strip characters. Finally I gave up the hope to write anything about WeChat.

Last night I was thinking about it, and suddenly I saw myself standing on the clouds and peculiar kind of light and buzzing sound came from  below. I bent and picked up my phone. WeChat   was on and  a message from God blinked.

God : "Free to chat?"

God and I do not share a buddy-buddy kind of relationship since 27.05.10 the time he decided to take my mom away from me , that too on my birthday.

Me : "No, I am busy walking on the clouds assuming I am dead , that too in my sleep... I hope you are not making it a habit of snatching away the mommies while they are asleep."

God : Ha ha ha, I see you still hold me responsible for your mom's death.

Me : Is their anyone else I can blame? My mom believed in you, she prayed to u, she religiously did yoga, had fresh vegetables, never smoked or drank alcohol. She never even tried hurt anybody. Then why her?

God : l'd you like to have a group chat with your mom and me?

Chatting with my Mom again would be a dream come true. I would do anything to hug her tight one last time and tell her that I love her. Chatting may not be enough but something is better than nothing.

God : You can even voice chat with her if you want, WeChat allows voice messages.

Maa : Maxie I am so happy to see you

Maa : I miss you so much beta.

Me : I miss you too, maa.

Maa : I see you have gained weight, I am sure you have stopped exercising and you are back to binging on daal-chawal and chocolates, aren't you?

Me :Maa, I am talking to you after 3 years and all you are bothered about is my weight?

Ma : And your dark circles too, darling.....

Me : Maa, is god taking good care of you? Are you happy there?

Maa : Sweetheart, I am really happy and comfortable. Finally I have time for myself. All my life I just ran after you four sisters and your father. You, Maxie troubled me the most. With your endless complains and ever-changing boy friends...

Me : Okay, I get it. Maa, I love you. I am sorry i did not say that before. I am even more sorry I troubled you so much.

God : My dear daughter, your daughter Renu blames me for your death. Would you like to explain to her?

Maa : Renu, everybody's death time and date is decided even before they r born. I was destined to go on your birthday. Nobody could change it, not you not god. No matter how much you want to.

I didnot reply back.

God : All I can do is to keep good and noble beings with me, take good care of them, which I feel I am doing a pretty good job.

God : Okay Renu, who else do you wanna talk to.

Maa : I can assure you god, her list would have men and nobody else

Me : Umm...How about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi .

Maa : Mahatma Gandhiji?????

God : Why Gandhi ?

Me :May be because I need a punching bag and I need to give him a piece of my mind

Gandhi Joined our group chat. 

Gandhi : Namaste, How are you kamaladevi  and Pranaam God

Maa :Pranaam Gandhiji

God : :)

Me : You were the worst politician and  philosopher I have ever came across. You were even more dillusional than Marx, Plato and Aristotle put together. Just because of your bad choices and policies, We, Indians are still paying for it. Had you did not support the equally crazy Jinnah, Pakistan would be a part of India. There would be no muslim jihadis. All of us could have lived happily ever after, with a thriving economy and super-successful cricket team.

I could see Gandhi typing back a message.

Me :No, don't bother to answer back. All I wrote was just for you to know and feel what you did to us and I refuse to call you Mahatma.

Maa : What should I do with this stupid daughter of mine.

Maa : Is this what I have taught you, to disrespect elders

God :  I see someone has got up from the wrong side of her bed. 

Gandhi left without saying a word

God : Who's the next unlucky one?

Me : It's all a dream, sirji.. technically I am still on my bed

Me : Raja Vikramaditya  would be my next choice..

Maa : Oh my lord I knew this was coming

God : Why him?

Maa : He is one of the guys she had a crush on

Me : I read about him when I was in standard VI and since then I had a huge crush on him. He was suppose to be very strong, good looking, just and powerful.  I just wanted to drop in a Hi and see how he was doing.

 I blushed as I typed that

God : Okay your wish is my command.

Soon Vikramaditya joined the chat. He was a tall good looking guy in his 50s... max late 50's, face adorned with a royal moustache.

Vik_adi : Hello, you asked for me?

Me : Yes, I am huge fan of yours and I have named my son after you.

Maa : Fan is such an understatement

Vik_adi :Thank you, you are so kind

God :  :P

Me : So vikramaditya and vetaal stories...and the stories about 'Singhasan Bateesi are they true, did they really happened?

Vik_adi : No, even then the world was as non-magical as today. My kingdom's historian had amazing imagination skills and he weaved great stories, which even I enjoyed reading."

Me : Still I really like you and thank you for taking your time out for me

Maa : She'll never speak like this with women especially me

God : you have just five min.s, than I have to end this chat

Me : Can I just have a small chat with Clark Gable too.

Maa : Oh my lord, why not Indira Ganghi or Mother Teresa? They would be good influence on you

Me : I am no more a kid

 Clarke Gable with his oh-so-famous- grin joined the group. I have never met a man who was so masculine and yet with such boyish charm.

Clark Gable : Hello beautiful

Oh wow he finds me beautiful...I want to fly and dance all at the same time.

Me : Thank you *** blushing**

Clark : Kiddo you r cute too, I was talking about your mom.

Mom : Not Interested I am already taken.

Clark : So whats up with you renu

Mom : She's also taken, and renu before you even think of uttering anything further, the chats over. We have work to do.

Me : Just one little thing I need to say

Me:  I am a huge fan of yours. I have nearly seen most of your movies and my favorites are Gone with the wind and It happened one night.I liked you so much that I landed up comparing every man with you."

Vik_adi : I think she said she was my huge fan

God : Times up...

I was grateful it had ended, but at least I got to chat with Clarke Gable and Vikramaditya the great

God : So are you still angry with me ?

Mom :  Renu, I watch over you day and night. i know you wake up everyday at 4:30 AM, the exact time when I died. You don't have to act strong and unaffected. Only strong can cry . It's good to cry and mourn my death.Always remember we have your back. I love you my little girl

Last line kept echoing

And I woke up, it was 7 AM... for the first time in 3 years I did not wake up at 4:30. I went on to daily routine work with a  smile.

The above post is written for the WeChat with anyone, anywhere contest powered by WeChat and Indiblogger


  1. Very interesting and controversial too but total fun read. Maybe you should have asked for Gregory Peck to join too :D.

  2. ur stories always makes my eyes welled up in the last...i mean it!

  3. A warm story of love ... and the last line does pour out the smiles ... very beautifully written ... all the best :-)

  4. Very Nice post
    your post always leaves very deep impression on the readers
    keep writing such wonderful posts
    I also wanna chat to my grandfather who passed away when i was 12 and I was sleeping

    Best of luck for your entry
    Can I share this post on fb?

  5. Beautiful and touching

  6. Awesome and really touching. I too had some angry towards God for taking away my aunt and my lover so soon. Now I am too expecting a chat with Him...

  7. Somewhere one must vent and this is a valid space and occasion. Great post! Wish you luck!
    (Hope you will read my entry too.)

  8. Sorry to hear about your mom... @Renu Sethi...
    but that's nothing to be angry with God. I lost my mom when I was 14. But that didn't affect my love for Him.
    You are elder to me, much more experienced, I don't feel you need to be explained about it... just like your life the best you can..and keep smiling...:)

    goodluck for the contest... it was gr8 reading it...

    1. everybody deals with crisis situation differently, i chose to be angry with god...i know few people who chose to become over-religious in such situtations.

  9. quite interesting.. all the best :-)

  10. Dear Ms Sethi, your blog has been a very refreshing and unique experience. The hallmarks of your writing would be the sincerity of conviction, absolute honesty in expression, and childlike heart that beats to and feels the subtlest of emotions, lost on the general us.
    A heartfelt, riveting and gem of a beautiful post.


    PS... - The post must be an ultimate release for the hurting you and also your mum, hurting with you, in you. The bond surpasses the umbilical physical and worldly.



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