Sunday, July 14, 2013

My old self

 In d middle of the crowd,
Still I feel alone
No one near me
I am my dark clone

I was nice
I was humble
I would laugh
even when I stumbled

As I started to take 
seriously my life
I have shredded all the fun
With a serious' knife

I want my old self back again
but I don't know how
I don't want to run like animals
Not ever ....not Now


  1. Renu - So well written - straight from the heart. But tell me - what is stopping you from getting your old self back? Think about it. Reflect. Introspect. Maybe the answer lies there!

    1. I guess the forces u to see a situation....or ur life seriously.It tells you the fun's over... life is no more a never ending joke. :)

    2. Age, an issue? at this age? A very fatalistic perspective. Its a shamelessly effervescent heart and eternally buoyant soul that sustain and nourish the fun (sic) in life. And both transcend age. Life was never meant to be a joke - wrong parallels drawn.
      "I am my dark clone" - out of this world expression.
      Only animals and children are not encumbered by social leg-irons to the human soul.
      Being either, at heart, should be the wind beneath your wings.

    3. Further, on "FUN" :-

      “Everything in life that’s any fun, as somebody wisely observed, is either immoral, illegal or fattening.”
      ― P.G. Wodehouse


  2. Most of us like to be away from the crowd. We could never get back our own self so long as we are not alone.
    Beautiful poetry, nicely composed.

  3. Thats the most truthful poem iv read in ages,, seriously.

    1. thank you so much darling (I am taking it as a compliment)

  4. really.. this is your superb poem.. b'fully composed

  5. liked the line 'I am my dark clone'



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