Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Look Stunning at any size: Book Review

Book     :  Look Stunning at any size

Author    : Parimita Chakravorty

Category : Non Fiction

Genre      : Fashion

Pages       : 172

Publishers  : V & S Publishers

Hey my dear darling readers,

I am very new to writing book reviews. I have been asked more than a couple of times to review books, which I politely declined. But this is a very special book. I took nearly two weeks to read the book and it has changed the way I think and I felt towards self- grooming.

About the Author

Parimita Chakravorty is a writer, content specialist and a communication professional who currently resides in Mumbai. She has an extensive background of feature writing, editing, research and content creation for beauty and fashion magazine, blogs and website. Her keen interest in fashion, jewellery, styling and make-up made her foray into the world of writing for beauty and fashion.

 About the Book

When I got this book neatly wrapped in a brown paper. All I wondered was 'why me?' I am the last person who bothers about the way I look. I don't mind going through the day without even combing my hair. I don't put on make-up and I barely step into a parlour,  that too only when my husband throws me out with an ultimatum to not to enter till i start look like a human and not a female gorilla (which eventually leads to getting thrown out of the parlor for crying too much).Frankly I believed in inner beauty and the way I look or carried myself didn't really mean much to me.

As I unwrap the book the first thing I see is a very pretty looking SLIM girl (I thought we were talking about any size...huh?). The  assumptuous me slammed the book without even opening it. I thought it was like any other fashion book who talked only about zero sizes not about real curvy women.

I finally opened the book and started to read  I realized I was nothing but pompous- ignorant- fool. There were so many things which I never thought about. What kind of a bone structure I have, body structure I have, the kind of face or my skin tone. 

The Book deals with all questions that could pop in your head like what kind of clothes should a I wear? What colour would suit me the most? Most importantly, the do's and don't's. 

How to instantly correct your figure. That was my favourite part. Delivering a baby has taken a toll not only on my mind but also on my body. This magic thing (will not disclose) really works.

This book deals with everything under the sun. From hair, bags, shoes, hairstyles, make-up, skin care, hair care , accessories etc.

 I would like to end by saying that it should be a mini bible for everyone who wishes to look good. It has helped me a lot. It has made me understand that inner beauty is very important but there is no harm in looking BEAUTIFUL :D

Rating I would give the book :


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mills and Boon : bury it or burn it

I think Mills and Boons should be banned in India for misleading young minds, like mine (I mean the time when I was young). This book made us believe that :-

1. Silent ...brooding men make great partners.
2. Opposites attracts. 
3. The Man...who is no less than a superman would read the damsel in distress' mind and would come to the rescue.
4.Romance full of passion.

Silent brooding men make boring partners. Try having a conversation with them . The answer would be either "hm" "okay" "achachaaaaaa..".

You seem more interested in their birthdays then them. Ask them about their birthday plan "What so big deal about birthdays, anyways? I would rather work than waste my time cutting cakes."

 Their reactions towards your gift, most probably would be :- he would stuff your gift in his cupboard (at least in front of you and then maybe in the evening he might be seen using it) or if you are lucky enough he would open the gift right away and the first thing he will utter is not 'thank you" or "wow" but " How much did you spend on it?" 

Try going out for a movie with this man... say Andaaz Apna Apna. He would watch the film with out any smile just like a robot. If you smile ....god forbid laugh, he would look at you and you could only wonder "If looks could kill, I would die 1000 times a day. 

 Opposites attract????  Seriously?

No holding hands in public and No talking or laughing in public. "There is something called "Public etiquetes" After listening to that crap all u do is roll your eyes and give up.

The best option for spending time together without biting each others head off,  is none other than Long Drives. We don't need to hold hands or laugh and we don't need to talk. All you need is some Good Music. Well music you like ( hard rock or old songs) is noise and boring to him and the music he likes (Gazals ) are like lulla-bye to you.

Movies : This man can watch Godfather zillions of times. Other than Al Pacino and the bloated guy...you have trouble remembering most of the other characters in the film. Well you could watch pretty woman zillions of times, but just the mention of it make him go off to sleep

Romantic Dinners : The food he likes is Roties and subzies (which makes you wonder, why did u even bother coming out for dinner if you had to have ghar ka khana( home cook food) )

He won't cook, clean ,change the bulb or get rid of a cockroach or lizard. It's all your job. You act more like a damsel in shining armor and your husband happily takes the role of knight in distress.

Romance : He is married all right... but he is married to his work and the second wife is Television most importantly Cricket and stock Market.

So girls and guys who read Mills and Boon or Harlequin romance , please throw them away, burn them , bury them. They totally and completely mess up your mind. You just fail realize they are fictional characters and real men are not like that. Real Men are not 6 foot tall with broad shoulders. They don't talk romantic stuffs all the tym or take you out for candle-lit dinners. Real Men are goofy yet cute ; Stubborn ass yet lovable.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Questions that made me wonder and laugh.....

1. If the mountains are triangular in shape and the sadhus sit on the tip of the mountain to meditate....wouldn't that be weird and uncomfortable with the tip poking the sadhu in the wrong place.

2. I always wonder if the people in the background of movie or show scenes are actually talking to one another or just mouthing random things…

3. Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard.... or hairy chest... Isn't he supposed to be a Jungle Man?

4. Stop and wonder?How many of us really did stopped and wondered??

5. Who was the first person who actually milked the cow and decided to drink that weird looking white thing? Eeeeyyuuu

6. When Cinderella decided to run back to her place at the stroke of midnight...how come everything disappeared but those darn pair of shoes????

7. How come goofy can stand and talk while Pluto remains on all fours...aren't both of them Dogs?

8.Can blind people see dreams??

9. How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? 


10 . Which idiot came up with a genius idea of Marriage ???

Saturday, April 06, 2013

First Love

Standing in the middle of the road
Clueless and Confused
In front of me I see a man, with a gentle smile
When I look back, I see you.

First love is so hard to forget
First love is so intense,
so hard and so deep
Its without any pretense

It's the best until its over,
heartbreak hurts like hell
Every time you look back 
Your eyes will well

You smile when you feel like crying
You act like you're okay
you're falling apart inside
To get out of this, there's no way

Finally you do find someone
who loves you back
But this time you love differently
Now you love more carefully more cautiously