Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Please, don't go

You open the door 
And you wave me goodbye
It seems as if someone's torn my heart
And all I want to do...is cry

I wish I could find one reason 
To stop you from leaving me
I wish, I so wish
I could have you just for me

All of a sudden 
Shiver runs down my spine
I fear losing you, forever
Isn't this a true love's sign?

I'll wait till this door opens again
And I see your smiling face 
You walking to me and holding me
with that effortless grace.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Turning into a moral police

"What's the matter with you. You are taking your motherhood way too seriously. You were never like that. Where did that chilled out person go, a girl who would whistle at guys and was a pro at Adam teasing?" Anuja looked at me and her eyes never looked this big. Okay, I get it she's shocked with the way I behaved.

"You don't think I've done something right?" I m equally shocked with the way my best friend is reacting."A teenage boy and girl were making out in a public park. They were kissing and even were touching each other and less than 10 feet away, our children were playing. I just tried to stop them, what exactly did I do wrong?" I asked, baffled at the fact that I am treated as the "bad guy".

"Relax, the thing you did is called "Moral Policing" and it’s not the term people take it in the right way. You can't meddle in someone's life. What people do, is their business; you cannot poke your nose everywhere." Anuja said. 

I looked at Anuja, I am amazed. I really thought I'd get a pat on my back and here she is, reprimanding me for it. "It's called cleaning the menace" I said.

"Renu, have you seen yourself lately. You are acting like a nagging grandma, who has problem with everything. Do you remember the New Year’s Eve? " Anuja got up from the sofa and walked up to me. 

Okay, that's pretty intimidating. If I was a thief or an anti-social I would have confessed  to my crime right away. But this time I am right. I don't think I did anything wrong even then. Stopping my nephew and my niece to dance on a song called "subah hone na de" "Fevicol se" was not wrong.

"You think even that was wrong. Where exactly was I wrong ? Will you be very happy to see your daughters dancing on those songs? What kind of precedents are we trying to set for our children. I feel pity for children who have parents who think that was okay  to dance on those pathetic songs." I said, and even while I was saying that I knew deep down inside I was gawking at myself too. I remember liking a few suggestive numbers myself, but they were English songs.

"Listening to double-meaning English songs doesn't make it right either" Anuja laughed.

Oh s*it, I actually said that aloud. I looked at her guiltily.

"C’mon Renu, this is the time, when the kids have fun. Every age has different kind of "fun". Let them be, what they want to be and let them decide what’s right or wrong for them. Let’s not force rights or wrongs down their throat." She patted my back and said " Renu be a 31 year old and lets have coffee and talk about that sexy domesticated Dad who often comes to drop his kid to the bus stop."

"Okay that guy is really good looking, even I kind of noticed him" What an understatement, I simply ogled at him. I have a feeling he saw me looking at him.

While drinking my coffee all I could think of was that park, that bench. If I ever saw my son with a girl doing things similar to what I saw today, I will kill him.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Love hurts, Love heals: Review

Book     :  Love Hurts, Love Heals

Author    : Sundeep Tibrewal

Category : Non Fiction

Genre      : Love/ Inspiration

Pages       : 129

Publishers  : APK Publishers

Rating I would give the book :

Hey Guys and Gals,

This is my first-ever review of a book; lately I have been doing too many "firsts". This book is exactly what I love to read, all about undying love and romance. And if I go wrong anywhere while reviewing, kindly excuse.

About the author: He is a cool Marwari dude from ISB. Well jokes apart Sundeep Tibrewal is an Author and digital marketing professional. He completed his MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Arizona State University (ASU), USA. Currently, Sundeep is the Director of NeoBVM. He was the Chief Product Manager at 9.9 Media, managing their digital ventures, before NeoBVM. He has also conducted “Positive Thinking” workshops for school students in Kolkata. 

Synopsis of the story:  This is the story about Sundeep Tibrewal and his wife Neha. They had an arranged marriage...but love followed soon.  The story span over the time of 7-8 years. The author shows how he grew both professionally (going to ISB Hyderabad to study) and personally (birth of their daughter Jiya).  Everything in his life was picture perfect, but sudden and cruel twist of fate strikes this happy family (will not divulge more...you have to buy the book). Everything is turned upside down. The unfortunate events make Sundeep reevaluate his priorities in life. There was a part where he blamed himself and his past life karmas for all the wrongs in his current life. He started looking deep within himself for answers. He tried to get strength from his daughter, 3 yr old Jiya and his family and friends. 

He realized money cannot buy peace and happiness. His faith in god, in himself and in his family helped him get through his troubled times.

My view:  The name of the book explains all. It was love that caused pain to the protagonist and it was love for his family that helped him get through that pain. The letter to Jiya was too good. I succeeded in reading the book with a straight face. It was while reading the letter I just couldn't stop myself from crying.

 It's a very well- written book. One could relate with the story. The story leaves a feeling it-has-happened-with-me, maybe because I too am a Marwari, from Kolkata and even I had an arranged marriage. To me it’s more like a self-help book. Most of the people I know are struggling with their sad  pasts. This book will teach them how get over it and live life....CONSTRUCTIVELY. :)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

I want someone...

I want someone to hold me
when I am down
I want someone to hug me
When I frown

I want someone to
Kiss my fears away
I want someone
who promises to stay

I want someone to
treat me like an equal
I want someone to
let me be a little vocal

I want someone
who treats me nice
I want someone
who takes my advice

I want someone who
makes me feel beautiful
I want someone
with whom i feel blissful

I know such friends exist
I know they are there
But why are they hiding in a mist
 disappearing into thin air ?