Tuesday, December 25, 2012

follow your heart

People say Love is a matter of heart

We all are aware of that
People say always follow your heart
but would that be smart?

People say heart is most closer to god
To that i always nod
What People say. you can't question
and I am keen to end this session

Because what I see around me
With it even you might agree
There might not be a happy ending apparently
because following heart doesn't come with a guarantee 

Monday, December 24, 2012

whom to blame??????

Hey guys and gals,

A lot has been said and written about the recent Delhi rape case. I think the rapist, politicians, the police and the Delhiites all are at equal fault.

 Rapist because they are brutes, we all agree to that.

Politicians because, it’s not the first time it has happened in India, estimates say every 20 minutes a girl is raped in this country. So why are they creating a hue and cry now. They should have come up with the law the very first time a girl was raped, wasn't a rape a crime then???

 Police, okay this news have made it to the front cover what about the rest and who are the rapist... were they caught and punished. The rich rapists go scot free only the poor ones make it to the news papers.

 Dehiites, you are no better than brutes it’s because of your selfish attitude Delhi has become a rape capital. If the reports are to be believed the girl naked, bleeding unconscious was left on the road to die. She was there for an hour. Cars drove past her how many of them tried to help her.

  I know even this news would die down. All the so-called protestors would go home and get on with their lives and the politician and police would get back to their work (not sure if they do any) and rapist would continue to haunt the roads of Delhi. It has happened before and it will happen again.

The reason behind me writing this post is not to condemn ( because nearly all bloggers and FBians are doing a pretty good job). My reason for writing this post is to try to figure out why people turn rapists. What makes men treat women as mere sex objects....or things that should be used for their own use or fun?

FAMILY: - In a conservative, less educated household a woman is nothing more than a lady who's supposes to do what she's told. Domestic Violence is an epidemic and widespread predominantly against women. Around 70% of the women are victims of domestic violence. Women are said to bear with all atrocities silently that makes them prone to rape, domestic violence and even dowry deaths

CULTURE: - Women have evolved over the years. Have you ever seen a woman urinating in public? Anywhere in India you go...you can see men with their zipper down. When women can wait; why men can’t wait to reach home. It’s we who taught our kids to be like that. We feel its culturally acceptable norm.

EDUCATION: - How many of us has had sex education. It’s not a compulsory subject in school. Schools and colleges hardly pay any attention to it.

MOVIES:  I blame the movies for our current plight. All women centric movies are about sex. Be it fashion, dirty picture, heroine, aiyya. Women shows-off and the movie sell. The movies that doesn't have very important women roles have item numbers where they have double meaning songs.... very vulgar moves and very exposed women dancing...as examples...chikni chamelli, munnie, fevicol se....and list goes on. 

TV: All pornography stuffs are easily accessible on TV. 

POLITICIANS: just few days ago Mumbai mirror had an article how politician perceive women. Few examples I m putting forward:-

Some women wearing lipstick and powder have taken to the streets
in Mumbai and are abusing politicians and spreading dissatisfaction
- Muqtar Abbas Naqvi, BJP, over the outrage after 26/11.

'Wah kya girlfriend hai! Have you ever seen an Rs 50-crore girlfriend?
- Narendra Modi, BJP, on Shashi Tharoor’S wife

'Listen carefully sister, this is a serious matter, not a filmy subject
- Sushil Kumar Shinde, Congress, to Jaya Bachchan who was debating on Assam

'Only women from affluent classes can get ahead, but remember you rural women will never get a chance because you are not that attractive.
- Mulayam Singh Yadav, SP, at a public rally opposing women’s reservation

Even politicians don't take women seriously. A woman is as good as her face. 

So if rapes are more frequent...actually we as parents, educators, friends, are to be blamed. The blame goes to the movies and the kind of stuffs we get to see on the TV too. We need to correct the society first.... rapes and other women related crimes would automatically go down.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

An open letter to all husbands

An open letter to our husbands 

Dear Husbands,

How are you guys doing? I am sure most of you are fine.

I have something very important to say to all of you about something that has been troubling we women for a long time i..e.. STUBBLE IS BAD. You need to shave twice a day. Its getting difficult for us to go through the day with red stinging skin. I can point out five very important reasons why you should put an end to our prickly torture :-

Firstly, Stubble doesn't help you look like THE DREAM MAN . No sensible woman wants an untidy, unkempt, stubble man as there dream man.

Secondly, Have you been wondering why your wife is reluctant to get close to you in the evening the reason is not that u have a bad breath ( but its nice to brush twice) or she's tired. The reason is stubble is quite a turn off. It makes you look really bad and untidy.

Thirdly, Have you ever seen a heart-throb actor sporting a beard. Usually these top class actors sport a beard when they are showed dey are single and have no chances to mingle...devdas kinds. Most A class actors Clark Gable, Gregory peck, Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Ranbeer Kapoor. All are clean shaven. Thats why they have a female following.

Fourthly, I am sure most of you guys are private people. You definitely don't want people to know what really transpired between you and your wife a night before. Imagine looking all red next day morning and everybody looking at her suspiciously. Trust me its embarassing.

Lastly, We women take so much of pain just to keep you guys happy. From waxing to threading to keeping ourselves fit. We scream , we cry everytime we have to go through that ordeal. Shaving twice is the least we could ask from our partners, am i not right?

Guys if you really love your woman. You have great shaving accessories even gillette has come up with Gillette Fusion Gamer, which is least painful and you could use it twice a day. Make your women feel special, she deserves it.

Just for your sake SHAVE TWICE... or you'll see yourself sleeping alone most of the time. 

Hoping you would take our warning seriously

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Delhi Diary 1.....

Award for the best couple goes too......

I was in Delhi last weekend attending a wedding. I had nothing much to do there, just look and act pretty. Since it was humanly not possible, so I did what I do best. Think. I thought day in and out. I noticed people day in and day out.

The thing that caught my attention the most.... Okay I wouldn't say the most, because clothes and jewelry the women wore did catch my attention...still have my attention. The close second was the kind of relationship couples shared.

I came to a conclusion that there were exactly 10 kinds of "couples".

First kinds of couple are the ideal couple, where there was the right amount of taking care.... Finding little or small excuses to be in each other's company... praises for each other...addressing each other as "ji". Strangely this kind of chemistry did irritate me a little. It seemed over the top most of the time.

Second kinds of couple are the buddy couple, where the couples are more like friends. There would be slight playfulness, pulling each other legs, calling each other by names, back-slapping .They would even eye good looking men and women in each other’s company and both are usually pretty comfortable about it.

Third kinds of couple are forever blushing couple. You'll never see them holding hands or talking. They’ll look to the floor instead of looking at each other. But they'll stand together throughout the party. In short they are silent inseparable partners.

Fourth kinds of couple are pati-parmeshwar types. Here both the people totally believe in that theory. If you even think of questioning it, you would immediately be looked down upon. The wife takes care of each and every needs of her parmeshwar, from getting his shoes shined…. to shutting up, when husband chose to scream at her in public.

Fifth kind of couple is the exact opposite of the fourth kind...here the wife is the most important being. Wife is always right. The husband seems as if trained to praise his wife and carry her purse. Poor guy

Sixth kind of couple is the warring couple. Both think they are the supreme and in their quest for supremacy they keep pulling each other down.

Seventh is the one-sided love. Where one partner is in love the other partner is not. The notorious partner makes no effort to hide it. She/he flirts around with relatives and friends , while the other person would continue to give explanations.

Eighth are London-Tokyo partners. It means that in the party you'll never see them standing together. They happily avoid each other throughout the party. Even if you somehow force them to stand together, most probably they'll look in the opposite directions.

Ninth are the PDA (Public display of affection) couples. They are the most irritating of the lot. These couple can't keep their hands of each other and openly declare their love in public … gross

Last but not the least is the perfect couple. They are pleasantly opposites yet so similar. They can talk for hours; they are comfortable together. They poke fun at each other, but at the same time have immense respect for each other's opinions.

After seeing everybody the only thing I realized is some people get the one they want, most end up with the one they're supposed to be with , rest struggle with bad relationship afraid to move out . But the fact is You may not be the "perfect" couple.....but as a imperfect couple if you start to enjoy your differences, that's according to me... what makes you perfect- for- each-other. 


The above story is confidential and proprietary
property of Renu Sethil and no portion of
it may be performed, distributed, reproduced,
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Saturday, December 08, 2012


I write
I read
nails i bite
stories i feed

Nothing seem good
nothing seems nice
nothing can lift my mood
nothing is as per my choice

All of a sudden
I am short of words
Writing seems like a burden
nothing seem to stir my chords

What to do?
Or what not to do?
is all i wonder
and it leaves me feeling like a FOOL.