Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Realizing it's time to move on....

My friend just broke up with her boy friend. They had been dating since last 4 years. Like all broken-hearted lovers my friend too is going through a series of phases from angry to denial to self-blame. 

She said something that has been haunting me since last couple of days. She said "How can he just fall out of love, I used to tell him I LOVE YOU everyday and he would reply back I LOVE YOU, TOO, I have no clue when did the falling out of love happened" Frankly, I knew it was coming, I am surprised my friend didn't.

In to day's times "I love you" has become the most commonly used phrase and "I love you, too" is the second most commonly used phrase. It's more like shouting on Mumbai roads "Ganpatti bappa" and you would immidiately hear someone shouting back "Mourya" or like if you say "Zor se bolo" prompt comes the response "Jai mata di".

It's the body language that tells you everything, Like
  •  The hugs gets quicker or at times none at all,
  •  Phone calls are shorter and not necessarily every night.
  •  You stop hurrying to the place you have decided to meet up.
  •  When you guys meet up the smiles are no longer that bright and big
  • You guys no longer just think about each other, other thoughts and people seem more important.
In my friend's case, she was so enamored by her boy friend that she didn't seem to notice anything, the changes that crept into their relationship. An outsider could notice the changes, but a person who's head over heels in love will happily turn a blind eye.

I think most of us (other that the strong-willed and strong hearted)are like that, the moment we fall for someone, we fall real bad. We just refuse to accept that it might not have an happy ending. We live in our imaginary world where everything is honey soaked. Our boy friend is a mills and boon or Yash Raj hero who would never hurt us.

So all I could advice my friend was " Been there, done that. Life will go on with or without him, so untangle yourself from his arms and start to walk away, you will find someone who actually truly, madly and deeply would "LOVE YOU".

Monday, July 22, 2013

Why I think UPA is a bad news...

Before I begin,I need everybody to know I am just a house wife. I need to make it clear that what I write is my personal view. I am not pro BJP and I am not being paid to write this by any party or person. 


 I am not a political analyst. I don't even aspire to be one in future. Politics was a always a dirty word, but in recent times it has become dirtier and murkier than it was ever before.

Let me begin with a question....

What is good government?

Thomas Jefferson : The care of it's citizen's life and happiness and not their destruction is the only legitimate object of good government.

Tony AbottI understand that government should live within its means, value the money it holds in trust from you the taxpayer, avoid waste and, above all else, observe the first maxim of good government: namely, do no avoidable harm.

According to me a good government is the one that can make the citizen look up to them. Make them feel secure in and out of their homes. Assure them that nothing would happen to them and that they have our backs. The government that can make it's citizen feel proud and not hang their heads in shame.  The government that can make the society livable with good roads, safe drinking water , good and affordable homes and affordable and edible vegetables and above all freedom to go out in the middle of the night and come back home without being robbed, assaulted or RAPED.

I just read somewhere A good government remains the greatest of human blessings and no nation has ever enjoyed it. I wouldn't say Congress-led government is worst ever...that wld be exaggeration. But It has been  by far the worst government I had to face in my adult life (I am 32 yrs old). 

Seeing what Congress has done to us in last 10 yrs. The concept of Good Government seems like an oxymoron. 

1. Terrorism : 

No. Terrorist attacks in last 9 years = 34 
No. of people died = 998 (official figure)

Consider this, when the UPA government took over from NDA there were 9 States and 76 Districts that were Naxal infested. Now, latest reports say, there are 18 States with up to 250 Districts that are Naxal infested. So, would we be wrong if we say the UPA government, far from fighting, is actually nurturing Naxalism? The number of armed guerillas by the time NDA finished its tenure were less than 7000, now, during UPA-2 they are estimated to be more than 13,500.

In short, I could say UPA doesn't have our backs . In stead they put our backs in front at the time of war and attacks.

2. Usage of Taxpayer's money : 

A good government should live within it's means, value the money it holds in trust from the Taxpayer and most importantly avoid waste.  

Bharat Nirman is a good example to prove my point.

The entire Bharat Nirman campaign costed the poor us a good 100 crores. We pay around 60% of monthly income as tax back to government, hoping we would get good roads, 24hrs. electricity better infra structure.But see how they use our hard earned money Rs 100 crore is no small amount. They increase Diesel prices, Petrol prices, GAS rationing and Service Tax with excuse of "Paise Ped Per Nahi Ugatae Hain" I think they do need reminding that "Paise pedh pe nahin ugate hain"

Why are they showing Sonia Gandhi picture in the ad? Sonia gandhi is the president of Congress but she holds no place in the government. If it's a congress ad ...congress should have paid for it and not us.

The sad part you are making roads in the remotest corners.... while der r hardly any roads in the metropolitan cities.

Roads in Mumbai

Roads in Kolkata
Roads in Delhi

It's the cities where the real 'tax paying' India lives. Don't we deserve roads? In spite of keeping funds for road repair...roads continue to be pothole ridden.Where does all the money go?

3. Citizen's interests :

Happiness and safety of it's citizen is the utmost priority of a Good Government 

July 14 2011, Soon after Mumbai terror blast, our so called youth leader, Congress spokesperson Mr. Rahul Gandhi said "It is very difficult to stop every single terrorist attack." (Thank u for being this comforting, you just successfully made our lives more miserable than it was. Government themselves agreed they can't stop terrorist attacks, we r left to fend for our own selves)

Are we city dwellers are happy?

Inflation, price rise: Increase in prices of every basic commodity, including grains. No Jobs. No safe drinking water. No roads. This Government has generously sold everything to the MNCs, just to further inflate growing economic woes. Instead of concentrating on the home grown industries, it is blindly inviting international market players to promote already established brands, which is not necessary for the country.

If most of the pockets are empty who do u think is going to invest in these brands?"

Okay, Do you really think the people living in villages are happy?

Reducing incomes, stagnating yields, increasing costs of cultivation, fragmenting of land-holdings and reducing of institutions credit facilities plot the graph of farmers' suicides in India.

According to the official reports  2,70,940 farmer suicides have been reported throughout the country over the past 17 years. For 2004-12, the number is 1,46,373, at a much higher annual average of 16,264 suicides. So rural guys...farmers don't seem very happy with the current government either .

So who's the happiest of us all?

Other than Foreign and Domestic Big Business houses and Politicians...nobody seem to be very happy with the current government.

In this I would like to put forward the example of Air IndiaAir India's management has given up 32 of its most profitable routes and best timings for the benefit of foreign airlines such as Lufthansa, Air Arabia and domestic private airlines such as Jet Airways and King Fisher. When Air India needed only 24 aircrafts, Praful Patel and Arvind Jadhav have ordered 111 Boeing 777 and 787 aircrafts. This deal has saved Boeing, the aircraft manufacturing American company from sinking, but sunk Air India as a loss making company! They also given Air India's prime land in Kalina in Mumbai worth 65,000 Crore Rupees to the private company MIAL and prime lands of Air India in Delhi worth 35,000 Crore rupees to the private company DIAL, both free of cost! Similarly, they have handed over valuable ground handling assets of AI to SATS free of cost! Thus, they have made Air India bankrupt by their corrupt and criminal deeds. Air India's past CMD Arvind Jadhav and past Aviation minister Praful Patel have looted thousands of crores of rupees of Air India in various ways and saddled it with a cumulative loss of over 60,000 Crore Rupees.

4. A clean image :

 LOL.... oh I would so love to talk about that

A prominent magazine once said Scam's in UPA regime is bigger than the budget of a developed nation. I kinda agree with it. The money involved is no more in million..but in billions and trillions.

Till date since 2004 there had been 12 scams.....12 scams in 9 years. 

  • Coal Scam costing Rs. 1.86 Lakhs Crore to the exchequer
  • 2G spectrum scam costing 1.76 lakhs crore to the exchequer
  • Chopper Scam  costing us Rs. 3,600 crores
  • Tatra truck scam costing us Rs 750 crores 
  • CWG scam Costing us Rs. 90 crores.
  • Cash-for-vote scam
  • Adarsh Scam 
  • IPL scam
  • Satyam Scam
  • Maharashtra stamp duty scam costing us Rs.640 crores
  • Indian Air force land scam
  • Andhra Pradesh EMMAR scam Rs. 2500 crores
That's too much for any government. I am still wondering how did Robert Vadra managed to make that kind of money. I guess it's not just the dancing skills that's needed to make it that big.

5. Security of it's citizens :

As mentioned earlier that these guy's definitely don't have our backs covered at the time of any terrorist attack but they are equally helpless in case of crimes against women, children and aged.

Just open any day's newspaper. It would be filled with horror stories relating to Female infanticides, Child abuse, Rapes. Murder of elderly people. Whilst the crime incidents of counterfeiting increased by 91 per cent during the period, cases of rape, molestation, dowry deaths and theft too kept pace. Rape cases grew by 47.51 per cent and molestation by 30.82 per cent while dowry deaths and theft cases rose by 21.31 per cent and 14.77 per cent respectively. Put together the cognizable crime rate grew by 25 per cent during in last 10 years. 

6. Maintaining respect in the eyes of it's citizens :

It wouldn't be wrong if I said that the names like Man Mohan Singh ; Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi , Kapil Sibal are often used in order to criticize or mock them. I have often heard pretty funny jokes about these characters. I have never heard anybody, say anything about these people. The scams had already tarnished their image. But their attitude towards the offender and it's own citizens were equally bad.

The apathy showed by our current government is heart breakng. Pakistan had been messing with us since long. There people come and kills hundred of innocent people and what does this government do and say " The peace talks are on but we won't play any cricket matches with pakistan." Wow that's a huge punishment to them. 

They kill indian soldiers and send their Mutilated bodies.... just saying we condemn it strongly will not get bck the dead. Actions need to be taken . The very laid-back attitude of the government towards pakistan,  is killing. I as a citizen feel helpless and my head hangs in shame. I really wish like America, even we can give robust responces to Pakistan's idiosyncrasies. How long are we going to run to the teacher (US AND UN) and keep complaining about the bully (Pakistan). One day we have to stand up for ourselves, do something offensive, so that they know we don't take things lying down.

Ciivilans treated shabbily (delhi rape case agitation and the police trying stop it with force water canons and tear gas ) while Salman Khurshid inviting Pakistani delegates for dinner soon after they kill our two jawans. How fair is that?

I would like to sum it up for all the readers, who cared to read till the last, trust me UPA is not an option any more. We all deserve better.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Time waits for no one :) (55 word fiction)

I stood waiting impatiently for a girl, who I liked very much. As she entered the party hall, my friend, who too seemed to be staring in the same direction, smiled . 

He said “That’s her, that’s my girl friend. I proposed her last night and she accepted.” 

He blushed and so did she.  I had liked him since I attended

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My old self

 In d middle of the crowd,
Still I feel alone
No one near me
I am my dark clone

I was nice
I was humble
I would laugh
even when I stumbled

As I started to take 
seriously my life
I have shredded all the fun
With a serious' knife

I want my old self back again
but I don't know how
I don't want to run like animals
Not ever ....not Now

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Vedic Maths : It's Math-a-magic.

In my school days, during most of my maths exams, I never used to finish my paper on time and even if I did, I didn't really fare very well. I guess it was because of three important reasons :-

Firstly, I hated maths.  

Secondly, The calculators weren't allowed during my time. Calculating took ages and most of the time it was wrong.

Thirdly, Cubes ; Squares were so very beyond me.

Lastly, I thought maths as a subject was very dull and boring unlike physics, chemistry and biology .(Most probably my math teachers made it look utterly confusing and difficult) 


But now that I have a son, I don't want him to hate maths. Surprisingly, I want him to excel in it. As a grown up individual I have realized the importance of maths in our day to day life. I am horrible with my finances and Banking matters.. all thanks to avoiding maths all through out my life. Math is prominent in all aspects of life.

Math is the most common subject in life besides English . Math is an everyday tool . It is helped for life because if not the "Real World" would be a big confusion . example ~ when you go to the store and the cashier gives you the wrong amount of change AND if you don't know math you would be stupid enough to go out of the store with the amount the cashier gave you .


Luckily, I found a solution to my concern. I met my sister and her son, who is an 8 yr old boy. To my amazement my nephew could calculate 12345 x 12345 in seconds and the answer was 152399025.

I was left stunned. Then she told me the secret to her son's newly achieved genius was VEDIC MATHS. 

The only question that popped in my head was What was Vedic Maths? 

Well Vedic maths was supposedly the super fast way of doing calculations, in which you could do  the most complex calculations in less than 5 seconds.

It is an ancient system of mathematics which was rediscovered from the Vedas between 1911 & 1918 by Shri Bharti Kishna Tirthaji (1884-1960). According to his research, all of Mathematics is based on 16 Sutras or Word Formulae. Guess what, Late. Shakuntala Devithe lady who performed maths calculations faster than a Computer, was a pro at vedic maths.


After hearing what Mr. Gaurav Tekriwal had to say. Now I have come to a conclusion that there are too many benefits of Vedic Maths to ignore it. It's a sad thing that lots of schools and colleges in US have adopted Vedic Maths but In India, where vedic maths was born, most of us are not even aware of it.

I did a little research on vedic maths after that...I tumbled upon a site totally dedicated to Vedic Maths. They pointed out few benefits of it.  

Benefits of Vedic Maths

  • Eliminates math-phobia.
  • Increases speed and accuracy.
  • More systematic, simplified, unified & faster than the conventional system.
  • Gives the student flexibility, fun and
    immense satisfaction
  • powerful checking tool.
  • Saves precious time in examinations.
  • Gives the student a competitive edge.
  • Develops Left & Right Sides of the brains
    by increasing visualization and
In India, we often confuse Vedic Maths with Abacus. I had visited a school, who advertised 
themselves as the pioneers of this art. But in reality they taught Abacus not vedic maths. There
 is a difference between the two :-

Vedic Maths
Based on VEDAS
Based on Chinese 
or Japanese or Malaysian Abacus
Can do Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, 
Division, Squares,
 Cubes, Square Roots,
 Cube Roots, Simultaneous Equation, 
Quadratic Equations, Factorization, 
Percentage Calculations,
 Trigonometry, Calculus, etc. 
Only Addition and Subtraction, 
Multiplication through conventional method,
 Division through Conventional system.
 Addition & 
Subtraction through Abacus
Removes Finger Counting &
 Silly Mistakes
Increases Finger counting
Improves marks in Maths &
Questionable delivery
You need to invest in 
your child for a year only.
You need to invest in your
 child for two and half years.
Courses available up to
 competitive examination levels
No course available
 above 7th standard
Covers all the topics of Maths
 including Trigonometry, 
Geometry, Calculus, etc.
Only elementary Maths

So guys, it's high time we stopped running after the stiff and conventional western methods
 of doing maths. Instead adopt the super cool desi way to make maths fun and enjoyable
 for kids. Afterall we come from the land where the concept of "0(Zero)" was born and 
so was PI (no not d pratoganist of Life of Pi) but Pi system

The above post is written for the The Idea Caravan contest powered by 
Franklin Templeton Investmentspartnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012. and Indiblogger

Thursday, July 04, 2013

That Tuesday Thingy

Readers must be wondering what is "That Tuesday Thingy"? Well sweet hearts it is one of the initiatives started by "Indiblogeshwari"(I am a proud misfit member of the group). That Tuesday Thingy is an initiative started by the founding mothers of the group to make the women bloggers look within themselves (not in the literal sense). It is a weekly ‘To do’ proclamation. They give us a task and we write on it. It could be anything.The best thing about this initiative is that for the first time we have to write what we truly feel. There is no right or wrong. There is nobody we need to impress. Its just about us and what we feel.

This weeks task is to listen to a song, Time Traveler by Rahul Sharma (so very goggeled eyed by this guy. Can I rather write my story about this guy instead of the song??? ;)..) We have to write if the song "talked to me" and if it did what is it?.

To be honest, this is not the first time I am listening to this song. It's been my favorite for quite sometime. Yes, this song talks to me. It shows me what kind of life style i m leading. Well I saw the picturization now. But even before that, it gave me an impression of being in continuous movement., as if running., at times from something and at times to something. 

When I close my eyes, just to know what I really think of this song, or what this song make me think of. All I see is, I sitting in an auto or car and the world passing by, all in fast forward motion. The traffic, the cars, the kids on every signal. people selling flowers , toys, mobile chargers. An old couple crossing roads. Cars competing to outrun each other even at the speed of 30-40 Kmph. 

To me, this music is not romantic. It has no shades of romance at all. But it has everything to do with the life and the life style we lead. We are always running . We are always working towards our invisible sometime unattainable goals. But we often forget the things that we are losing in the process. More than things it's usually the people that we lose. Just to make our future better we often sacrifice our present .

Its good to slow down a bit. Look around and may be call our parents.... or give them a surprise visit. Take a leave and take our children out maybe to the beach or for a picnic. Call our school /college friends. Go out for a walk (not run). Pamper ourselves. Watch a favorite film. or persue  a hobby. It's only then we would living our life, not just living a life. Cheers  .

“Don't let a mad world tell you that success is anything other than a successful present moment.” - Eckhart Tolle