Thursday, November 27, 2014

I am my Happy ending

Last few months had been a little difficult for me, both emotionally and physically. I pity my poor who husband had been at a receiving end...silently bearing my mood swings. But yesterday I met a woman a little older than me and she was quite an eye opener.


Like always I reached hospital sharp 10 in the morning (my father-in-law had been in and out of ICU since last 5 months). I proceeded towards the waiting area and to my dismay there were no bunk bed/seat available. As I looked around, a lady- short and stout, dressed impeccably- signalled me to sit beside her. Gratefully, I went and sat and we started talking.

One thing led to another; soon we reached the topic of marriage. Well it turned out that the lady was a divorcee. The couple were together for almost 4 years, separated for more than 14 years and last year they decided to file for a divorce. Not even once throughout our conversation did she criticise her husband, spoke ill about him or his family. Well my instincts tell me that something terrible must have happened that she had to pack her bags, return to her parents’ house along with her 1 month old baby but I decided not to dig deeper.

Well few years later she got a job in US, she shifted there and is now doing very well. She hasn't taken a single paisa from her husband and she is one proud mother. Well like any female, I kind of felt sad for her. It must be so lonely. I cannot imagine my life without my husband and there she was all alone, raising her child.

Maybe she sensed how I felt and I am not surprised, I am pretty easy to read. She said that there was no need to feel sorry for her; she had never been this happy and free. "I am my Happy Ending “she said. I just smiled pretending to understand.


"I am my Happy Ending" I heard this line almost 29 hours ago and it still haunts me. How can one be alone and still not lonely? How can person be happy in his/her own company? It's against human nature. But then when I thought a little deeper, I realized that it's not necessary to have a guy or girl to have a happy ending. Maybe it's us on our own, happy and totally in love with ourselves and who we are that is happy ending.

Most people marry because they fear that in the end they might land up alone. Truth be told I have met a lot of happy singles and may be even more lonely married people.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

So an Indian woman went braless in london... :P

I recently read an article, which many of my blogger friends loved and shared it on Facebook. FYI the article was about how a woman went braless in London ... and according to her it was next to impossible to do that in India. Well my  dadisa(grandmother) never wore a Bra. :/

Hmmm... well.. I am a feminist by heart, mind and soul. I am proud of that. But in our quest to be a feminist we are pulling down our own country. Few months ago I was reading Mallika Sherawat's interview and she said pretty demeaning things about India. She even dared to call India "Regressive" and "Depressing" which I strongly object.

I can easily post links of hundred such articles written by Indian on international forums degrading their own country. I agree India is not perfect. There are lot of things that needs to be corrected before I could say my country is perfect. But going braless is hardly an achievement I feel.... honestly I don't even feel it's proper. Call me old fashioned but that's how I felt  after reading that article.

I don't know if we are third world nation or not but some of us are hell bent on proving us to be one and sadly people living in other countries have started believing them. They would easily believe that the movie like slum dog millionaire is based on real life but will find it hard to believe that India had a successful mars mission... and for this we are to be blamed.

The fun part is countries that we consider developed tops the list highest rape crimes. Don't believe me check the link below.

So guy's India is not really that bad. Whatever we write or say affects our country's reputation. The moment we start loving our country other's would start respecting it too and we won't have any more Slum dog Millionaire happening again (I am sick and tired of explaining my foreign friends that India is not only about of slums and child abuse.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


(Based on a real life incident)

Prateik had just won a scholarship from a very prestigious institute, everybody around him- his teachers, his friends and his principal- all were celebrating. But Prateik looked blankly at them, because this scholarship was useless. He got an 80% scholarship, still he was needed to pay for the remaining 20, which was way beyond his and his mother’s means.

Prateik never had life easy. His father left him for another woman when he was just 6 years old. His mom worked as a maid in 4 different households to make her ends meet as well as educate her son. Prateik, after school, would work in a grocery store as a delivery boy. He knew his mum was growing old and he wanted her to relax and lead a comfortable life now.

He couldn’t be selfish. He couldn’t ask her mother to arrange for Rs. 32,000.  The news of his scholarship had already reached his slum. As soon as he reached, everyone started congratulating him. He smilingly took all the wishes and quietly went into his house, sat on the floor looking around. They lived in a small shanty, which was in dilapidated condition. It had rusted scrap metal roof which was unable to stop storms or bugs. He hated himself, for even thinking of pursuing further education.

He looked at his tattered shoes, hand-me-down clothes. He still remember the time when he would look at his neighbour’s kids bursting expensive fire-crackers and all he would have was Fuljhari.

Soon his mother came from work. As she saw him... she rushed to him and hugged him. She looked at him smiling and her eyes filled with pride.

“I am sorry, mum. I am not joining that college. Mukesh Kaka has asked me to work with him in the factory. The owners need a delivery boy. They will even pay me well. Now you don’t have to work this hard.” He said. Looking at the floor, he didn’t want his mum to see a grown boy like him was crying. At times he hated being boy; they always had to pretend to be strong and capable.

“I want to work hard. It keeps me busy and l feel good about me.”  She smiled and went in the kitchen. After some time she came out carrying a container. She opened it, it had dal inside. She dug her hands and pulled out few pieces of paper. They were the FD’s she had made in the bank. She had saved enough money to send her son to college.

Prateik looked at the thin frame standing in front of her. She never bought a saree for herself, lived in comforts because she was saving money to help his study.

The respect for him mom doubled all of a sudden. Now he was even more determined to give his mom all the comforts she so deserved.