Sunday, November 23, 2014

So an Indian woman went braless in london... :P

I recently read an article, which many of my blogger friends loved and shared it on Facebook. FYI the article was about how a woman went braless in London ... and according to her it was next to impossible to do that in India. Well my  dadisa(grandmother) never wore a Bra. :/

Hmmm... well.. I am a feminist by heart, mind and soul. I am proud of that. But in our quest to be a feminist we are pulling down our own country. Few months ago I was reading Mallika Sherawat's interview and she said pretty demeaning things about India. She even dared to call India "Regressive" and "Depressing" which I strongly object.

I can easily post links of hundred such articles written by Indian on international forums degrading their own country. I agree India is not perfect. There are lot of things that needs to be corrected before I could say my country is perfect. But going braless is hardly an achievement I feel.... honestly I don't even feel it's proper. Call me old fashioned but that's how I felt  after reading that article.

I don't know if we are third world nation or not but some of us are hell bent on proving us to be one and sadly people living in other countries have started believing them. They would easily believe that the movie like slum dog millionaire is based on real life but will find it hard to believe that India had a successful mars mission... and for this we are to be blamed.

The fun part is countries that we consider developed tops the list highest rape crimes. Don't believe me check the link below.

So guy's India is not really that bad. Whatever we write or say affects our country's reputation. The moment we start loving our country other's would start respecting it too and we won't have any more Slum dog Millionaire happening again (I am sick and tired of explaining my foreign friends that India is not only about of slums and child abuse.)


  1. Please share "I can easily post links of hundred such articles written by Indian on international forums degrading their own country." Would like to check what do you mean by degradation? What is the source of this wonderslist apart from Sweden in the list?

    Do install a comment reply notification system like Disqus and which font are you using here?

    1. Hey Neeraj... thank you for reading my blog. I didn't really expect visitors. I will not post any links of those kind on my blog and give them anymore publicity. You cold always search it on google. 100's as a no. is an understatement here.

      US tops the list in rape crimes.... it is far less populated than we are. But strangely India is called as "not safe for women".

      The font I am using is "Gabriola"

  2. There is no such thing as perfect in this world, means, no country is perfect.
    To take an example,, every hour there are more than 1000 crime arrests in NewYork alone, which includes rapes, murder, etc,, even in USA army raping women is so common, that officers dont even take notes of it. If we compare to all these things, Bharat is much better shape.

  3. 1. Let's ask this question : what is India? India is what you get after putting Indians like me and you together. One thing is for sure, we have got social problems, some of which are to be ashamed of. But then we the Indians need to think over these problems in right perspective and ACT to find solutions for these problems. Just by bashing India, people actually demean & belittle themselves.

    2. By looking at some lists and finding other countries ranked higher than India on that shame-list should not be a comforting factor. Rapes & other sexual violence acts against women are very common in India. Official estimates are always low here because of under-reporting.

  4. hmm true.

    By putting that list I wanted to prove India wasn't that bad :(



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