Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Please, don't go

You open the door 
And you wave me goodbye
It seems as if someone's torn my heart
And all I want to do...is cry

I wish I could find one reason 
To stop you from leaving me
I wish, I so wish
I could have you just for me

All of a sudden 
Shiver runs down my spine
I fear losing you, forever
Isn't this a true love's sign?

I'll wait till this door opens again
And I see your smiling face 
You walking to me and holding me
with that effortless grace.


  1. Beautiful poem! fear of losing is surely a true love sign :)

  2. :) should we reach to that point of losing to realize it's true love? Nice poem.

    1. its basic human behaviour...u tend to realize few important fact when ur near-dear ones are leaving or have already left.

      Thank u

  3. poignant yet beautifull...

  4. There is a torture that comes from the inside when faced with external negitive possibilities. The fear of being left to cope alone is one of the greatest fears of a saddened mother. The fear of change. What we sometimes forget to remember in situations like this, is that we have been there before at sometime in our life, so we could cope if we had to. We are stronger inside than we realise. Need no one but ourselves. Write more. F

  5. Jabaar bhi pahloo se yaar uth-ta hai,
    Dard be-ikhtiar uth-ta hai...This is what 'Mir' said about the pain of parting...

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  7. Congratz I nominate u for the wonderful Leibster award...



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