Thursday, January 24, 2013

Love hurts, Love heals: Review

Book     :  Love Hurts, Love Heals

Author    : Sundeep Tibrewal

Category : Non Fiction

Genre      : Love/ Inspiration

Pages       : 129

Publishers  : APK Publishers

Rating I would give the book :

Hey Guys and Gals,

This is my first-ever review of a book; lately I have been doing too many "firsts". This book is exactly what I love to read, all about undying love and romance. And if I go wrong anywhere while reviewing, kindly excuse.

About the author: He is a cool Marwari dude from ISB. Well jokes apart Sundeep Tibrewal is an Author and digital marketing professional. He completed his MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Arizona State University (ASU), USA. Currently, Sundeep is the Director of NeoBVM. He was the Chief Product Manager at 9.9 Media, managing their digital ventures, before NeoBVM. He has also conducted “Positive Thinking” workshops for school students in Kolkata. 

Synopsis of the story:  This is the story about Sundeep Tibrewal and his wife Neha. They had an arranged marriage...but love followed soon.  The story span over the time of 7-8 years. The author shows how he grew both professionally (going to ISB Hyderabad to study) and personally (birth of their daughter Jiya).  Everything in his life was picture perfect, but sudden and cruel twist of fate strikes this happy family (will not divulge have to buy the book). Everything is turned upside down. The unfortunate events make Sundeep reevaluate his priorities in life. There was a part where he blamed himself and his past life karmas for all the wrongs in his current life. He started looking deep within himself for answers. He tried to get strength from his daughter, 3 yr old Jiya and his family and friends. 

He realized money cannot buy peace and happiness. His faith in god, in himself and in his family helped him get through his troubled times.

My view:  The name of the book explains all. It was love that caused pain to the protagonist and it was love for his family that helped him get through that pain. The letter to Jiya was too good. I succeeded in reading the book with a straight face. It was while reading the letter I just couldn't stop myself from crying.

 It's a very well- written book. One could relate with the story. The story leaves a feeling it-has-happened-with-me, maybe because I too am a Marwari, from Kolkata and even I had an arranged marriage. To me it’s more like a self-help book. Most of the people I know are struggling with their sad  pasts. This book will teach them how get over it and live life....CONSTRUCTIVELY. :)


  1. Nice and a crisp review, Goddess! The plot is motivating...and I'm going to read this book now. Let me check the libraries first....

  2. Aha! , new venture ,it will definitely motivate others to read it.

  3. I find most of the English 'fiction' from Indian authors taking up bourgeois issues. I guess only 'The White Tiger' could buck this trend. I don't want to sound a Marxist but somehow the art, literature, and whatever else remains of the cultural space has, of late, chosen to steer away from the issues of poor and destitute. Their problems are so very different from those who have been beneficiary of market-driven economic growth post-liberalization.



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