Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friendship rooted in love

The best relationships--the ones that last-- are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship.

Not very long ago I had written about my friend who recently broke -up with her boy friend...  Realizing it's time to move on

Just the other day, I was talking to her and as expected, she was feeling very down. It so happens that she was missing her college buddy. The story goes that they were together in college, totally inseparable. The guy finally proposed her during their farewell, which she refused. The reason she gave me was, he didn't fit the image of a boy friend. 

The inquisitive me asked her, How exactly a boy friend should look like? She gave me a complete description of a mills and boon hero, Tall, fair and handsome. The guy was not very tall or fair and not very handsome either. Now she feels he would have made a more loyal boy friend than her ex. 

Most of the times we are so busy running after our make believe superman that we often forget to look behind and see who is running after us. Any relationship that is based on looks can never last very long, because looks are not forever and neither is this attraction, because the man or the woman in question will very soon find someone better looking or better versed than you.

She, then, said a very heart breaking thing to me. She said that the saddest thing about the entire situation was she now realized how much she wants him ,she needs him... her friend who USED to love her.

So the million dollar question is...who would you go for the person who loves you or the person who u love????


  1. It is always better to goo for someone who loves us the way we are and not the one who we love..That's what I believe..

  2. the person that loves me! anytime a better choice to go for, he/she will always keep you happy, no matter what!

  3. as much as we all love the person who'd love us. we always forget that we should also be equally willing and loving cause otherwise its almost like living a lie.

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  5. Renu,

    I always admire you for coming up with such blog posts. Even offline and online, I constantly remind you that you are a good writer and look you see that on your writings. You convey a strong message in this post and of course relationships based on looks do not last long. The attraction won't last long cz no one is going to stay young forever. Human heart develops feelings for people and poor has to suffer when it fails. Ahh! As per your story, one should go for person who loves you cz that person knows your worth and will keep you like their prized possession. Kudos to my favourite blogger Renu Sethi for writing this! :) ;)

    ~ God Bless!



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