Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Date with Diamonds :)

I usually stay away from Diets. The only carrots I am interested in are the number of carats in a Diamond. - Unknown

There are only two things in the world that can make the lazy ol' me get up and write, one of them is food and the other of course, every girl's best friend - Diamonds. Well the blogger meet #DateWithDiamonds on 21st June sponsored by @KamaJewellery was quite an experience. Not only did I learn a lot but also I got to try all that amazing earrings and necklaces and how can I forget to mention that beautiful bracelet.

We got to visit the factory and the way workers did their job - in a very meticulous fashion- was awe inspiring. To be honest I don't follow fashion and I am not even too fond of make-up, but Diamonds are something I am crazy about. I regularly visit shops in zaveri bazar, Hughes roads, Bandra and Andheri. There is one thing I noticed, the finishing of the jewellery lacked most. If you looked closely they looked pretty rough. But the jewellery in Kama was different. They looked beautiful even up-close. The reason is that every piece of jewellery goes through 8 levels of inspection. Only the best and most proper make it to the show-room.

So all in all I am pretty impressed with Kama's new jewellery line which has Asscher, Cushion and Emerald cut diamonds. 

The fun part is we were asked to name this new line. God, I feel really important all of a sudden. Jokes apart, it was really difficult and finally I zeroed on Gentil Mystique. Everyone, whoever is reading this blog must be wondering why? Well because the jewellery looked really gentle, they weren't loud and vulgar like most jewellery we see in the market and when I wore it and saw myself in the mirror it gave me a look of a mysteriously glamorous female who I would like to know (I know I am blowing my own trumpet. But this is my blog and I am the queen). 

Hope someday I get to buy the necklace I am wearing in the picture. For the earring, I am already pushing my husband to buy me that ;)

The above post is written for the #DateWithDiamonds contest powered by @KamaJewellery


  1. "They looked beautiful even up-close." Am sure 'They' refers to the gorgeous ladies in the pic .

  2. Hope you had a good time there....nice pic of you and Ekta...nd brilliantly written.

  3. The post should be renamed as "When Beauty Ruled", nwys nice jewellery and equally superb post..:)

  4. i m becoming a fan of ur blog ..cant wait for your next post .....keep writing ..btw looking like a princess in this jewelry.

  5. nicely written... and diamond makes a lady look beautiful... but at the same time it is also true that beautiful ladies add grace to diamonds... (Y)



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