Monday, October 13, 2014

Coffee and me

As I sit beside the window
Sipping away my coffee
I see moon and stars gleaming
As if smiling to me softly

I look around and I see
All windows shining bright
It seem I am not the only one awake
Or maybe everyone's up for a midnight bite

Life sure is funny
One moment you feel lonely
But just look out of your window (life)
You'll know you were never alone.


  1. as a rule, I don't take coffee at night, but I relate to this poem :) To look outside the window at midnight, see another light coming on and realizing there is someone else awake, nearby, it's a comfort to know you aren't alone at that time. :)

  2. Hope shines in your lines in a quaint way.

  3. its all in the mind , isn't it? lovely read renu!

  4. superb. I personally enjoy such lonely times; thinking and talking to myself.



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