Saturday, July 21, 2012

only foools fall in love...

ONLY FOOLS FALL IN LOVE.. and i just made a fool of myself 

Drenched in rain walking down the coast of arabian sea, all Alisha could think was how could she be a fool to fall for a man she had never met, heard or seen.She had indulged in internet chat with a man who claimed to be Ryan an IIT graduate settled in Canada. He worked with the world's biggest IT company.He loved DJing, Shooting, he wrote poetries tooo.A description too good to be true.

Alisha and Ryan had first met on Facebook," for the love of poetries" the page dedicated to good prose and poems...though alisha was not good at writing poetries, but she appreciated a well-written poetry and Ryan was a pro in writing one. They were a house on fire...always poking fun...joking.For Alisha, she was on top of the world inspite of the fact..  her job sucked and  even at home all she could see was her parents fighting...but when she would be with Ryan she would laugh....which she had nearly forgotten how to. Every evening 7 she would make it a point to be around so that she could catch up with Ryan and just talk. Her office mates too started to see the difference in her, she would laugh more often, she would sing even while walking down the stairs, she wld smile in the middle of a board meeting.In short she was happy...VERY HAPPY.

One day, during her chat session with Ryan, he told her that he felt very strongly abt her and that he LOVES her.Alisha was taken aback by that sudden declaration....few seconds later, after the news had set in...all she wanted to do was jump with joy, because she loved him tooo.So now she officially has a boy friend...and she was     
so happy about it. She just wanted to tell everybody she knew ..that she has a boyfriend..a real boyfriend. Though the meeting at 7 continued...Now the fun talks were replaced with mushy talks, can't-live-without-each-other talks. One day Alisha mentioned that she would like to see him, but ryan refused citing that he was camera-shy, Alisha had no problems..because alisha really didnt care whether he was good looking or not, she loved Ryan as a person, for who he was.

Months passed, there 7 pm date continued. Alisha was very happy with the way things were going, she had started doing well in her work. Then one day ryan stopped coming online, she waited and waited for him to come online...but he didn't. She got nervous...thinking about the worst scenario...what if he was unwell...what if he was DEAD....she desperately tried to get intouch with everybody on his friends list.But nobody knew him personally...he was frnds with all the people in his friends list through some page or the other.Alisha was shocked, depressed and helpless, she had no idea how to get intouch with Ryan..What happened all of a sudden...Was Ryan safe???? and in d deep deep corner of her heart question kept on screaming"Is there a Ryan"?????????8 months 9 days later Finally she sees Ryan online..immidiately she messages Ryan "hello..whwere were u....i missed u soo much...i love you....thank god you are safe"...There was a long pause..Then she saw d message "Ryan typing a message" Who's this???....Alisha looked at the screen puzzled then she replied "Alisha here". after pause again a message came "this is his wife"...Alisha was shocked....den she gathered some courage and asked "how long have u been married" promptly a  reply came "16 years""i had come online through his fake account so that i could get his old poetries" "his name is not Ryan his name is sanjay"...Alisha's eyes started to water.all she could type was "NICE""GOOD BYE" "TC".

Alisha ran towards the beach....and she wept and wept....only reason she had to thank god was it was that nobody could notice that she was crying..all she thought was HOW COULD SHE BE SUCH A FOOL..

Love leaves a memory no one can steal, but it can also leaves 
a heartache that no one can heal.

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