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Diya sat infront of the editor of a reputed women's magazine.Diya looked confident and beautiful, but it was d exact opposite inside, she was nervous wreck and all she wanted to do was  run away, than field his questions. After he read the synopsis of her story,the editor looked at her, she tried to maintain her cool and tried not to show him what she felt. Editor smiled and said "how would you like your payment by cash or cheque????". It took more than a minute for Diya to register the she finally sold her she was no more a she was now a bona-fide writer.She got up shook hands with the editor and left the office. Inside she just wanted to scream "YYYYAAAHHHOOO" she finally did it.As soon as she stepped out of the office, she got a call from her soul mate, her best friend Ranveer Singh, the man who made it all possible, the man who helped her live her dream.

Diya remembered ...Couple of weeks ago Diya Bhansali, a marwari 26 year old housewife, had an extremly boring and a predictable life. Predictable to the extent she could predict her daily routine minute by minute. Not that she wasn't educated, she was a post graduate in mass communication and even got a job with india's no.1 weekly magazine, but as fate wld call, she got engaged and married in no time and her husband, Vishal  in pretext of being protective never allowed Diya to work. Her marriage too was going downhill, they hardly spoke to each other...even if they did it was in monosyllable. Diya had no friends or family... whom she could talk was getting on her nerves...the entire life was getting on her nerves. One day she had gone for grocery shopping while returning back home, somebody stole her bag. She was stranded in the middle of the road with no-money and no phone. Inspite of trying her level best to not to cry...she started howling"how bad can things go" she screamed. Immediately  a car stopped, infront of her, and she saw the driver, she knew him, he was her neighbor Ranveer Singh who was often spotted with different grls...all models she guessed. Though the man was good looking but he had a bad casanova image in their society. Diya always avoided this man but now what?? should she take the lift?

He smiled and opened the door with such confidence as if he knew she would hop into his car. Well no she wouldn't, she thought.She just stood there looking at him and he kept smiling.Finally he spoke,"i just saw ur purse getting stolen, why don't u enter the car and i would drop u home"

She said"No u go, I m no more a kid, i'll manage".

He laughed and he said "That's the problem, you are no more a kid, lemme drop you home, i m going home too"

She knew she didn't have much choice but to accept, she had no money and not even keys of her place. So, finally she decided to accept the lift. She was feeling very awkward and she was literally hoping her husband vishal didnot see her in this guy's car. He'll jump to a wrong conclusion. She kept her head down. She knew, after every regular interval he was looking at her, she even knew there was this irritating half smile on his face. Finally Ranveer said "You seem to be a lady of few wrds" Diya looked at him and smiled and just wished this journey was over asap.Finally she reached home, he lived bang opposite her place. He dropped her, waived at her and left to park his car. She sat on the steps waiting for Vishal to reach home.

After few min.s she sees ranveer's door open,"oh god" she just didn't wanted him to see her sitting on the stairs.She got up to just hide somewhere, before she could do anything, Ranveer was by her side holding two cups of coffee. He sat on the steps and smiled at her. Diya gave up and sat far away from Ranveer. He passed the coffee to her. She smiled and thanked him for it. Diya asked him sbout wat he did for living. Ranveer said with chuckle " i click naked women's pictures".Diya was shocked with his blatant use of words. Ranveer soon started laughing hysterically and he said he was a fashion photographer. Ranveer then asked abt her and she said she was a housewife. He then asked about her hobbies,likes and dislikes..Diya found herself talking endlessly abt her love for stories and her life.Diya found she kinda enjoyed this man's company, he wasn't that bad as she assumed he would be. He was funny, smart and even caring. Soon she saw a locksmith coming, Ranveer had called him. The gate was opened in no time, Diya enetered her house and Ranveer left. Days passed but she didn't meet Ranveer

One day her maid told her, he had a bad accident and fractured his leg and he was on bed since last 4 days. Diya was concerned as soon as her husband left for office, she decided to pay him a visit. She stood outside his house and knocked "The door's open come in" she realised the door was actually open.She felt like an idiot. She went inside to find him in shorts and vest.He was lying on his bed and his left leg plastered. He smiled and said "I thought u forgotten that you had a friend next door with a broken leg" She looked at him, and she asked "Did you have your lunch?' he made a sad face and said nodded his head. She left his home to get lunch.After an hour she returned back with nice scrumptious meal. both ate and chatted. Diya really enjoyed his company. After lunch ,Ranveer showed her some of his works,They were pretty goood pictures.He seemed very famous, coz he seemed to know nearly all who's who. Diya  went home..she even sent him dinner with her maid. Next day Ranveer came to visit her,unlike always she was genuinely pleased to see he was shaved and looked human....Good loooking human.She asked him to sit, while she got a cup of coffee for him. Ranveer kept roming around d house and he chanced upon Diya's diary, he started going through it and when he saw Diya coming he closed it and returned to her.

With hot boiling cup of coffee, they started their conversation.. as the time passed their intimate details started tumbling out. Ranveer confessed that he was still not over his ex gf, and that he screwed up big time with her,with that diya told him"Ranveer she wasn't your first, your last or ur only love; you have loved before and you will love again. Life finds a way..nothing is forever"With that ranveer smiled and "You should take up writing"

Diya followed the flow, she tooo dared to open up..She told him about the how slowly but steadily her marriage with Vishal was eroding...she loved him...he too cared for her.But now they had nothing to talk about. Vishal hardly looked at her. Ranveer said "the way u keep urself any person wld get bored.. high tym u let go of ur 1990's jeans and start wearing wats short revamp yourself....with that you wld revamp your marriage"

Next week when Diya was cleaning her place. The bell rang. As she opened the gate, ranveer stormed inside. He asked Diya to change immediately, because he wanted her to meet someone.Diya was a little skeptical and den she relented... she changed and went with Ranveer. He took her to one of the most famous stylist in the fashion scene. She helped Diya buy new clothes, accessories, shoes. Diya felt like Cinderella and Ranveer the fairy god mother....the only thing he was way much younger and way tooo good looking. This stylist even got her a hair cut and she even got coloured d end.. she coudn't even recognise her ownself in the mirror...she was speechless.Ranveer looked pretty impressed. Now all she wanted to see was how Vishal reacted to d new Diya.

Vishal entered the his was dark as he switched on the light..he couldn't see diya anywhere. He saw a note on the center table...His heart sank. He knew Diya wasn't happy. He just wished she didn't leave him and went to her parents place. As he opened the letter...he saw


He was puzzled, he didn't know what was happening with his wife, Whats in ITC maurya. and oh darn its already 9. He didn't bother to change his clothes.He left immediately.As soon as he reached the hotel, he was anxious to know wat was happening behind his back.He saw the nick and corner of that five star hotel's lobby but he couldn't see her anywhere. He turned and he saw a grl with short hair, impeccably dressed in mid-leangth pencil skirt and a satin top smiling at him.He looked closer to see it was none other but his own wife. For the first time he noticed what a beautiful smile his wife had and how beautiful she was. he went a hugged him...despite of the fact he was never into PDA's ,but he couldn't stop himself from hugging her. This reaction was not because she looked beautiful but was because she was there and she's not leaving him and from home to the hotel he realised he loved her very much and won't be able to live without her.Diya too was very happy atlast she got Vishal's attention

Next day Ranveer called up to know how was the evening...Diya just blushed..which seemed to say it all. Ranveer said he met a grl and he was taking Diya's advice seriously and that he should move on now. Diya was very happy to hear that and they decided to celebrate the new lease in their lives. Diya went back to work and she got a call again, but this time it was from an editor of a women magazine and he said"Ranveer said you write short women based stories...i would love to read it..can we meet tomo. in my office" She agreed. She called up Ranveer but he didn't pick up the phone. At night when Vishal came she broke the news of the editor's call to him..He was thrilled to hear the news.She again tried to call up Ranveer...but all in vain.Next day Diya reached offc in tym...She just got a msg from Ranveer "all the best"

Diya came back to the present...the phone was ringing and it was Ranveer. She picked it up ...and screamed  "i got story is gonna get published " All ranveer said was " Now we can celebrate our brand new lives"

Diya just asked " why me....why did u help me " Ranveer replied "sometimes you meet someone and before you even know their name, before you even know where they are from, you know that sometime in future this person is going to mean something to u..u were that to me....from the first time i saw u all quiet and sad...i knew i just wanted to see a smile on your face"

A true best frnd/soul mate is the most important person, they shake you up, make you stand up and face the reality, even if they have to smack you awake.

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