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my fair ghost 1

My Fair Ghost ;)

I’ll kill you one day, How could anybody be so irritating? I have tolerated you for last 4 years. I can’t take anymore.” Radhika screamed.

“Yeah I'll keep haunting you after I die. You leaving me...haaa..You’ve been telling me that for last 4 years. You havn’t left and I have lost all hope of u leaving me now. I am too sick and tired of seeing the wardrobes in a mess, kitchen dirty and u r going to bring Mt. Everest to shame with laundry clothes.” Gautam yelled back

“In that case why don’t you get a new wife for yourelf. I am done with you anyways” She retaliated

“Once bitten; twice shy, darling. Moreover I am getting used to dirty home” Gautam gave a sly smile…held herin his arms, steadied his fidgeting wife.. and he kissed her. For few seconds she resisted but then even she gave up. Kiss ended abruptly with d loud bell. Radhika was all flushed and she ran to open d door. She thought inspite of fighting day in and day out there was this magical chemistry between them. Inspite of four years of marriage his kisses still makes her toes curl with joy.

This has been their routine. They have been fighting every single day since their marriage. If they had nothing to fight about they would start an argument about movies. Gautam was into action sci-fi flicks....while Radhika was into drama and rom-coms. all hell wld break lose if on one channel showed Die-hard ; james bond or MI and on the other they showed Pretty woman, sweet home Alabama or Sleepless in Seattle. At the end of the argument, either the LCD's wires have been removed from d socket...or dey r watching news. Arguments would just go on and on..In the heart of hearts they even enjoyed the arguments and strangely even looked forward to it.

Gautam worked in a bank and Radhika an ex airhostess worked for a PR firm. They had an arranged marriage. Even when they met for the first time they fought he thought airhostesses were nothing better than well-paid waitress.He had no idea ..she too was an air hostess. The moment he realised that, he showered gifts and flowers as apologies..Their parents got confused and thought he was persuing her for marriage.Their parents celebrated and even announced it in public. In 6 months they even got married.

They had a unique way of loving each other. Both would never go for movies without each other. They would always sleep on the same bed, no matter how bitterly they fought. Gautam was pleasantly plump and radhika was a thin beautiful woman.Radhika was very social while Gautam preferred staying at home. The only thing they had in common was the love for good food.They had nearly tried all the restaurants in their vicinity. Gautam was a very good cook and Radhika hated cooking. On holidays Gautam would never let Radhika cook. He would put it as " Atleast one meal in a week i want it well cooked and let me cook"

It was a Monday, like always, Gautam dropped Radhika to her office and then he drove to his. It was a crucial day for Radhika, her client a 29 yr old and 21st ranked Tennis player, Siddharth Mehrotra had participated in a drunken brawl with a heart throb actor. Siddharth had punched the guy and broke actor's million dollar nose. Radhika and his team wanted to build a bad boy's image for the tennis star, but this was too much. He was a Page 3's fav bad boy but at the same time he was a million-dollar lawsuit waiting to happen. 

"I really think Mr. Mehrotra you should lie low for a while away from the lime lights till the news die its own death" Radhika tried to explain that to him.

In return he looked menacingly at her " How come i m treated as the guilty one.He assaulted a lady, i just tried to save her"

That moment Radhika got a call from her husband Gautam. She decided to cut his call. Because the issue in hand was way too serious. Very next sec. again she got a call....radhika could see Siddharth rolling his eyes...she decided to put her mobile phone on silent tone. 

She continued "Well Mr. Mehrotra the lady in question has disappeared and not many people are vouching for you. This actor has all the public sympathy. What we are trying to do here is for  your goood.Let your lawyers handle the situation. Even if anybody asks you anything about that incident all you have to say is NO COMMENTS. Please donot talk to anybody about this."

After an hour long of begging, coaxing even intimidating he finally agreed to lie low and visit his parents in Bangalore for a couple of weeks.

She wrapped up her work soon and she left.She checked her mobile phone there were 42 calls from Gautam. She was scared and tensed. She called up. A different voice answered the phone. Radhika felt all numb and tensed. Her voice trembling when asked "who's this" 

The voice on d other end said "mrs. Bhandari, this is shyam, Mr. Bhandari's assistant. Well Madam Sir has suffered a heart attack. He's in Lilavati Hospital. Pls come soon"

Radhika couldnot understand a word. she just board a taxi and reached the hospital . But she was a minute late. Gautam had breathed his last. Radhika stared at his lifeless face. It seemed he was abt to get up and smile .For the first time she waited for a wise-crack from him. But those eyes never opened...that mouth ...she had kissed a zillion times...never moved. The man she hated ....the man she loved had left her.

Its been 21 days since Gautam's death. Her parents too left for kolkata in the morning. They insisted she too came along...but she chose not to.That evening Radhika for the first time in her life was all alone. Everything in her house reminded her of Gautam. She switched on the tv and star movies showed Die hard was Gautam's favourite film.She immediately switched off the TV. For the first time since his death she cried. She cried inconsollably.

"Sit, and i m dead..nobody to crib about the dirty house.Did you see the fans. Those sparkling white fans are dirty brown in colour. Why are the lights on in the kitchen? when will you learn to take money and electricity bills seriously?" 

Radhika stopped crying her eyes widening as she recognized the voice. It was gautam's . She turned to see Gautam sitting on the sofa. For few minutes she just kept staring at that sofa. Gautam was with his signature sly smile. 

............To be Continued

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  2. the similes are interesting in the conversations,suspense well maintained....and there is coincidental similarity between them n the millions of couples...:)

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