Sunday, August 25, 2013

Life : Lets make it count

I sit on the footpath
I wonder what seem different
As I watch others and do the math
I see smiles that are still unspent

Everybody seems in a perpetual hurry
People running here and there
All they do is whine and worry
and call the god's gift (life) unfair

If only they could understand
Life is nothing but an adventure
and nothing in it is pre-planned
It's a risk of joint-venture

So lets just free ourselves
move forward with a special hand in our hand
Jig-saw puzzle is all we need to solve
  for all pieces to fall in place as planned.


  1. Nice poem, Renu! It was lovely to meet you yesterday!

  2. Beautiful poem with beautiful message! - Explore the essence of life :)

  3. Nice poem. Life is an adventure no doubt.


  4. It's a risk of joint-venture.

    Shaabaas ladki

  5. pre-planned, joint-venture... these are not commonly used terms in poetry.... refreshing to see you back writing poems

  6. Indeed we just seem to have stopped enjoying the trip here .. looks like we all want to leave with bags full of materialistic happiness once the trip is over... and that is so unreal .. fabulously expressed

  7. Beautiful poem Renu well expressed and sombre

  8. Hmm needs to be celebrated in all its forms, ain't it?