Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's not about a Happy Ending

All my life I searched for a happy ending;

All my life I deluded myself into believing in it,

In all situations; good or bad;

All I was worried about being how it fared?

As I grew old, old enough to understand;

Where my life was headed and toward what I was blind.

Golden moments passed me by; in spite of they being rare,

 Obsessing over the ending and for the rest I didn't care.

Now I wonder if I would ever get those moments again;

Even if I promised to enjoy without worrying about the end,

The true wisdom has finally dawned upon me;

Sometimes it’s not about a happy ending, it's only about the story.


  1. Very well written mam. :) But sometimes it's really not easy to live that very moment but yes we do regret for sure when it passes away!

  2. Beautifully written. Loved the central idea. 😍
    Happy to connect.
    Anubhav Tyagi

  3. Well, I am very fond of your poetry. I liked this poem so much that I ended up writing a small poem (क्षणिका) borrowing your thought.
    http://imashwini.blogspot.in/2015/06/happy-ending.html .

  4. Quite a lovely poem you have penned, RS :)

  5. Boss... O, Lovely, if ever, a Boss..
    tried, i did, an insufferable heartless critic, to be
    a word misplaced, a punctuation haywire
    was all i managed to see...
    the errors, observed, soon faded into obscurity,
    for they could never eclipse the sunshine
    on this world, your beautiful thoughts set free...

  6. Good thought. Love how heartfelt your expression is, Renu. Never lose that quality in your conversations with those who follow you. Thanks and keep it up.

  7. thanks! for sharing your lovely thoughts with us in a form of poetry.keep posting.
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