Friday, November 24, 2017

What should I do?

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Hey I am back....

You know lately I have been having this nagging fear... fear of being redundant. I see my son all grown up, doesn't need me as much as he used to. Friends play a more important role in his life. My husband too is busy with his work. The only person I used to have decent conversation was with my cook.  Lately, even she seems bored. The one person I pay to fake interest, too doesn't seem much interested. 

I did discuss this fear with my husband and he was of the opinion that I should get involved with something outside the four walls of my house. He knows how much I detest socializing, mention of kitty parties is enough to flare my temper . So h
e suggested I become a teacher, just the thought of 15-20 kids screaming , running around, pulling each other's hair etc was enough to scare me for life. 

I lay awake all night just wondering what I could do, I have been complimented on being a good writer more than once. So I decided to look for a job of a writer. The jobs most searched were of #contentwriter and #copywriter... sounds simple, so I decided to be one.

I have been lucky so far of being invited for interviews for content and copywriter's posts. It didn't take much to realize that content writing, SEO wasn't my cup of tea. Reminder to myself and everyone with sleep issues : Next time you have difficulty in sleeping try to write something about finance or maybe something more technical... you will sleep like a baby, I guarantee. 

Copywriter looked and sounded more interesting... event, advertising yeh sab mere bai haath ka khel hai.. Imagine even that I successfully managed to screw up. I gave the HR a piece of my mind when they made me wait for 1 and a half hours because the director was busy in some meeting. But still that's no excuse, right? I - the queen of Andheri west-was waiting with her hair straightened and lipstick on (do you even realize how much hard work that is?

Moral of the story : I realized I am unemployable. Now I throw this question in the void... WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?

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  1. Go for walks, observe people, watch birds, read books, write everyday, go for a solo trip, keep trying for jobs on job portals or may be you can try going for an internship - search on

    Hope it helps.

  2. Writing about finance, investments and capital markets is guaranteed to fry up your brains prematurely —you may take this straight from the horse’s mouth. Offering advice doesn’t cost a dime, and millions will pour in when you ask for one. Perhaps you should undertake a research in a subject of your interest and write a book. :)



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