Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sheer waste of time

Deep in thoughts
Grilling my mind
Scratching my head
Hoping to find

If there were any
Good days we shared
topics on we laughed
all memories come bared

All i remember is lying and deceit
You tore me bit by bit
In reality you were full of sh*t
Now i wonder if were u really worth it?


  1. Waqt kii Khalis barbadi... kabhi yoon hi nahin jati. Ek afsos, ek sabak hi hota hai.

    Kisse naraj ho?

  2. One of those low days.... nicely expressed

  3. AWESOME....very well written miss renu...this is how poems should be...simple n understandable...just like yr stories are....i like yr writings....keep it going...

  4. May be u need to change ur point of view

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    From Harry

  6. I agree - a sheer waste of time - well written

  7. Crisp writing, goddess. Sadness gobbles you up instantly!

  8. Emotions well Expressed in few words, one of the most difficult thing to do!

  9. thank god for the good friends, but thank him for the bad ones too..because now u know which ones to avoid!

    nice one!

  10. no mincing of words... i love the honest way you framed your poem..

  11. very very nicely expressed
    you are very good in poetry really
    keep blogging:)