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Word Weavers Chapter 1: Hole in a Do-nut #celebrateblogging

The soul of a star

Chapter 1 - Hole in a Do-nut

Tara stared at the beach with moist,misty eyes.  She watched the angry waves lashing onto the shores of Juhu. Her brain continued to ask “Now what?”every few moments as she twisted the already crumbled piece of paper in her hand.


She couldn’t believe how her life- which a million girls would kill for- had turned into a living nightmare. She was a dancer, top-rated model and even acted in a couple of movies. She was the most sorted and highest –paid model on the Mumbai and Delhi ramp circuit...a showstopper for every designer, the “ Musthave” one. People used to say , “ If Tara is not there for your collection, there is surely no taara (star) in your work”.

Who would have guessed she would fall in love with a dark, brooding writer? The man who seemed distant, aloof, someone with an aura of mystery around himself. The one who seemed to scream the “catch me if you can". Tara was used to being treated like a celebrity, she simply bowled by the sheer confidence, indifference and his stoic demeanour. Like others he didn’t compliment on the way she looked. He didn’t really cared how she looked. The feeling of being treated as a normal individual was very refreshing. While she saw lust in the eyes of others, Shekhar`s were different.

  The more mysterious and distant the man acted, the more attracted she got to him. The way he spoke, the way he wrote, made him look even better than prince charming. The drink in his hand and cigarette on the other...never looked this sexier. Though he was not conventionally good looking but there was something about Shekhar that kept pulling her towards him. He was magnetic. No wonder she was the one to pursue him to marry her.

The fact that her parents disapproved of Shekhar made her like him even more. Maybe it was her own way of taking revenge, revenge from a father who had failed to stand up for her and revenge from a picture-perfect fairy tale stepmother, who left no stone unturned to make her life a living hell.

She fought with her parents. This was not the first time she disappointed them and she was more than happy in doing that.She had all plans of making sure that it would not be the last time she did it. But she had to marry this guy. He was everything she had ever dreamed of. So she eloped and got married to him.


“Marrying you was the biggest mistake of my life. I am still paying for that. I was such an idiot.” Tara screamed.

“Even I am not that happy; no wonder I can’t write anything. Every day and night I just see a sad, frowning and ugly face.” Shekhar retorted.

“Don’t you dare raise your voice at me. Because of me you are surviving. I am the one who’s running this household. Had I not been around.....” with that a huge lump formed in her throat and tears threatened to start flowing . As she fought those,  Shekhar`s words brought her back to reality with a crash “...I would have been happy. I was very happy before you came into my life.” and with that he banged the door and left.

Tara had enough of that nonsense, she decided to leave him. She knew breaking up would hurt but losing someone who doesn’t respect or appreciate is actually a gain not a loss. So she packed her bags and went to live with her friend.


With the sound of wave crashing  she snapped out of her thoughts and came back to reality....she again looked at the paper which had the word “POSITIVE” written in block letters. She so wished that she hadn’t met him. She so wished that she had never fallen in love with him. She so wished... 

Somewhere far her favourite song was playing...

Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se, Ajnabi Ban Jaye Hum Dono
Na Main Tumse Koi Ummeed Rakhoon Dilnavaazi Ki
Na Tum Meri Taraf Dekho Galat Andaaz Nazaron Se
Na Mere Dil Ki Dhadkan Ladkhadaaye Meri Baaton Mein
Na Zaahir Ho Tumhaari Kashm-Kash Ka Raaz Nazaron Se
Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se..

The song which was Shekhar`s favourite , became her most favourite too when they were courting. But today the same song emphasised a lot of emotions and moods for her... Her love for Shekhar, her marriage and somewhere a regret of which she wasn’t sure and a pray to roll back the time when she hadn`t met him..

Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se, Ajnabi Ban Jaye Hum Dono....


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  1. Good write up renu

  2. Good writing. We seem to have good competition!

    We are DYNAMIC Wordweavers, BTW. You guys are just wordweavers LOL :P

    1. Thank you :).

      We wanted a name which was subtle and less pompous :). All the best

  3. Hi, Nice way to start. I particularly liked the rebellion against her parents bit.
    I'm from Kalakaar colony team. Cheers and Best luck!

  4. Great start! Hope the follow-through by others lives up.



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