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#CelebrateBlogging Chapter 13 - Tick-Tock

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Soul of a Star
Chapter 13- Tick Tock

Two days before things start going terribly wrong...

Jennifer stood outside Costa Coffee in Lokhandwala waiting for Tara. She looked around and couldn’t help wondering how come all good looking people live in Mumbai? Kochi was a very dull place for a single girl. And as she continued to wait, a man fidgeting with his laptop caught her attention- beautiful hands, beautiful face, crisp white shirt; he looked at her and they exchanged smiles.

All of a sudden Jenny felt a tap on her shoulder.

“If you are done flirting, can we please go inside the coffee shop...Jeez.”Tara said.

“I wasn’t flirting.” She smirked. “I was just trying to check if the ol’ charm hasn’t started to rust. I am relieved I am still as good as new...in my case young.”Jenny had the naughtiest smile...which made her look like a teenager.

“There is a part of me, who always wanted to be like you..the crazy, out-of-mind ‘YOU’.. Can you believe that?” Tara giggled.

“Too late sweetheart, you can never be me. You are married now. But you had your chance though.”Jennifer said matter-of-factly.

“Talking about marriage.. When are you planning to get married? Remember the clock is ticking.”Tara said it lightly, but she was genuinely concerned about Jenny.

“Congratulations, you are the 1000th person to tell me that. You just won yourself a nice kick on your butt.” Jennifer blurted. She continued, “If you are so concerned why don’t you find someone for me?”

“Sure, would gladly do so. Tell me what kind of men do you like?” Tara looked determined.

“...ummm” Jennifer looked around and her eyes fell on a business magazine “Something like him. Mr. Aryan Ahuja, the M.D. of AhujaEnterprise.”

“You want a man like him?” Tara confirmed.

“Yeah, he is not only good looking and with an awesome personality. He’s among the few who has become successful at such a young age. Which means he has his priorities all straightened out.” Jennifer for the first time sounded serious.

Tara smiled “Well your crush happens to be my next door neighbour. He just shifted a couple of months back. He is a great friend of Shekhar and is very fond of Roohi too. He often gets chocolates for her.” As she continued Jennifer looked at her stunned “...if you want I can fix you a date with him.”

Jennifer kept looking at Tara. After few minutes she finally screamed "I know he is your next door neighbour. I am just amazed it too you so long to think that.

“Please could you shut the drama queen act and just say yes or no?”Tara tried to stifle her laughter.

“Of course it’s a bloody big block letter ‘YES’. How can you even come up with such a stupid question?”Jennifer replied.

Tara did not reply as she could not stop giggling. It would be simply awesome if Jennifer gets married to Aryan. It would be one big happy family.

Tara looked at her watch and screeched “Oh! sh*t it’s already 4 P.M. I am sorry Jenny I have to run now. I have a very urgent matter to attend. I will call you up in the evening to fix your date’s time and day.” With that she winked at Jennifer and left.

As Tara and Jennifer walked their separate paths they both thought the same thing that talking to each other most of the times was all the therapy they needed in their stressful lives.


As Jennifer reached her hotel, she got a message from Cyrus that he had to leave for Delhi, to attend some urgent business. “Everyone has some or the other urgent business to attend. I am the only vella one” she muttered ruefully.

She decided to take her bath and freshen up. It was her last day in Mumbai, back to same ol’ life same ol’ story from tomorrow. As she came out of her bath, she saw her phone blinking. There were 3 missed calls and a message from Tara.

She opened her message box as she read her eyes grew wider and wider.

I wish someday you learn to keep your phone’s ringer on. Well I just called to say rather remind you that I am a genius. I have fixed a date for you with Mr.Ahuja at my place. Dinner time today. Please do not be late. Hugs.

Jennifer was under the impression that Tara was joking about the date. “Shit, I have nothing to wear.” Jennifer checked the watch it was already 6.15 PM. She decided to do some last minute shopping.


7:30 P.M.

Jennifer stood outside the door, she straightened her dress, retouched her lipstick took a deep breath and rang the bell. She really hoped Mr.Ahuja was late. She was still not ready to meet him. After few seconds she heard Tara’s excited voice and with that she opened the door. Tara looked at Jenny with sheer pride and admiration.

“You cleaned up pretty nice, dear darling friend!” she exclaimed.

“Thanks!” Jennifer smiled as her eyes nervouslyscanned the room.

“He’s not here; Shekhar and Aryan are at the patio, waiting for you.” Tara winked.

Tara escorted Jennifer to the patio where the men were having their drinks. Aryan Ahuja was everything Jennifer had wanted in a man - tall, chiselled features and gentlemanly qualities. Tara noticed Jennifer was nervous and that was so unlike her. Tara and Shekhar excused themselves on the pretext of attending to Roohi.

Tara started soft instrumental music by Kenny G. Hoping for the sparks to start flying. But this music made Jennifer and Aryan acutely conscious.

Jennifer finally broke the silence, “I hate instrumentals. They are like lullabies.”

Aryan said nodding his head, “I couldn’t agree more. It never breaks the ice, it just make things even more awkward.”

Jennifer was relieved to know that he looked every bit nervous. “So what kind of music do you prefer?” She asked.

Aryan thought for a second “I am more into metal and soft rock.” after a small pause “..I like R&B too.”

Jennifer smiled and she said excitedly “Wow, same here. My favourites are Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd, Queens and the list goes on..”

Tara watched them from the window. Both were laughing animatedly.Soon minutes turned into hours. Finally Tara had to act as party pooper.

“Hey, sorry to disturb but dinner is getting cold and I have no intentions of reheating it.” Tara felt guilty of breaking up things but she was feeling left out.

As they enjoyed their dinner, Shekhar asked Jennifer about Cyrus. “I don’t know he had to leave all of a sudden. We didn’t even meet. He just left me a note. I tell you..kids these days...” with that Jennifer realized she sounded like an old nagging aunt.She turned to Aryan and said “Did I tell you I am just 32?”With that all started laughing. Soon the party came to an end. Jennifer and Aryan promised to keep in touch. Jennifer had an early morning flight to catch so she hugged Tara &Shekhar and bid them farewell.


As she sat waiting for the flight to take off, she couldn’t help thinking that she had only two things in her life, she wanted to thank God for; one was Cyrus and the other was Tara, her soul sister.

Who would have known that everybody's life would turn upside down in the next 24 hrs.

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